Monday, August 1, 2016

A Week of Walking

I am loving it here! But I must requires a lot of walking. Every day we need to plan in what neighborhood we want to work in, depending on where we are at lunch so then after we can get to work faster! We have a recent convert who lives an hour and half walk away....but we are getting used to it! And making sure we head home at about 7:30 with our flashlight. Fun stuff ;) Dirt roads are my thing!

This week we found some new investigators, one was M who immediately left the room, came back and talked forever about religion and how it’s all lies...then we talked a bit with him....he finally sat down, participated, softened up and ended up offering a snack haha it was awesome! I love how just being calm, confident and sincere in the work, the spirit touches the hearts of others.

their one month mark! I stepped up my game and made her (them) brownies 
and put a one candle on top! yesssss

We had a fun guitar playing singing pow-wow after lunch one day with an Irmã. It’s been a while! I have loved also getting to know all the members, especially those who live in our area. We haven’t had addresses but a general direction on where they live and have been blessed by the Lord to either find one in the street or pulling out in the car and inviting us in. The Lord is really leading us in the work! Prayer is so powerful! I am so grateful for the opportunity to live in the "mato" or jungle forresty part of Brasil and feel even more powerfully of His existence.  The sunsets and rises, the trees and happy people. My heart is totally softening up, and that’s a good thing! The easier it is for me to write/engrave Christ’s name upon it. And the easier it is for others to read it, to see it in my eyes and to feel it from my actions. (Mosiah 5:7-8, 12). I don’t want just a happy heart, but Christ’s. And we are capable of it. Just read all of Mosiah 5

We live above an ice cream place! this was 2 reais (61 cents)! haha pistacio haha

A fun moment was seeing a hummingbird come back to the member’s bird feeder, after patiently waiting with my camera, I got a pic! Thought of dad the whole time and then the name of it was 'bejaflor' or "kissflower" I love language connections! I love the simplicity of life because of the simplicity of the gospel :) It wasn’t meant to be complicated.

Thanks for the love! Know that I’ve eaten a few churros, pasteis (pastel), rice and beans and that I get so excited to eat every day! I am becoming Brazilian, even other people think I am. woot woot. I am so blessed by knowing more children of God. Through them, I am able to get to Him. To know Him.  Boy, he is pretty amazing :)

Sister Oldroyd, the sister who looks for monkeys at a certain part during our walk

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