Monday, August 22, 2016

Multizona, Carta Trunky, and FHEs

This week was a blast! So much went on and I am so happy. This week we got to show the other missionaries here in Caucaia where L. lives. They had the privilege of making the hour walk with us so she could give us lunch. Then we had multi-zona where we learned so much and got to get up at 5 am to get 'ready' (I threw on the outfit I already had picked out, put on extra makeup which was eyeliner, outside of the usual mascara) and we were off to get the bus leaving at 6 am from Caucaia. There we were inspired, spiritually uplifted and helped by the words of various speakers and our beloved President and Sister Thomas. We were reminded about health and stress things on the mission and the best part getting my 'carta trunky'! Woohoo! When he handed me that paper I couldn’t believe it....January 3rd! Woah! I will be on a plane home that day??? Anyway, I only smiled real big and put my hand in the air while hugging my buddy and jumped up and down. This does not mean I am happy to leave the mission, but finally I know the date. It was a mystery that was killing me.

I am so blessed to be here in Brasil and this week proved why. This week was great because of a few amazing family home evenings that happened. Monday we had a great lesson about our labors on earth and how it is our preparation to meet God. We did an activity where you had to light a match and say everything you would hope for in your future before it went out. I did it in English for kicks and cause I would be able to say things faster...I was wrong haha but it was fun to try. It was hard! I got out, returned missionary, married in the temple, happy, shoe designer, keeps covenants....then poof; Had to stop. It really made me think of how important this time on earth is and how we just need to trust in the Lord. Another family night was a great one! It was about the fruits of the spirit from Galatas. And how the spirit truly blesses us in so many aspects; not just protection, and answers but comfort, remover of pain, bringer of joy. God is so wonderful.

We also had the privilege to have a mini sacrament meeting with F. remember her? We got the elders in on the idea and went over there with a mini sacrament meeting prepared with a few talks. She had already selected the hymns and I got to lead. It was so simple, but you could see it meant the world to her when she had that time during the sacrament to ponder, to pray, to converse with the Lord. It’s been a long time since she’s been able to go cause she takes care of her husband but tears filled my eyes as I got to sit there during the sacrament’s silence, while in her humble living room and remember that Christ would have done it just for her. That is why we are gathered here. The one matters. After the meeting, we chatted and drank warm milk and sugar with some bread (and mayonnaise but I just ate bread haha)

We also had a great FHE with BIS (a very delicious chocolate wafer thing). Sister Borges and I thought of this as a great way to get to the youth. So Thursday night we challenged them to open a BIS with a sock on the left hand using a dull knife to try to open it, while the others rolled my two eraser dice in order to get doubles. There was yelling, shouting, happy cries when they were able to get one open and we had a fun time explaining the importance of enduring to the end. We know the prize. We don’t stop trying to open the BIS because we know how delicious it is. We know how delicious the fruit of the gospel is, then why do we at times desist? We can’t! We need to strengthen the other, root him on that yes, you can open that BIS with your left hand that’s covered with a sock and weakly trying to open that tightly closed chocolaty goodness. We are all on the same team and those who don’t know BIS is delicious; we better tell them so and share the goodness. Share the gospel. Don’t leave anyone hungry. The Lord wants all of his children fed.

Some funny things this week: It’s politics time here in Cotia/Caucaia and their propaganda is homemade music shouting their numbers, but they are quite may have found me bouncing around trying not to dance. I also had the privilege of trying a top ramen sandwich that had ham, cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato and the was amazing but it was very difficult to finish my second one.

This week has been great!  Thanks for everything. I am doing well, braving the cold, trying to still pick out my outfits, eating trufas (amazing flavor filled chocolates) teaching well with my great companion! and pondering a lot about life. There’s so much to think about right? Anyway, that’s all I have to say. Already said a ton.

Love you all- Tchau beijos
Sister Oldroyd, the sister known as Android or in Portuguese Androigde   haha

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