Monday, March 28, 2016

Ferreira! Skyscrapers??? Wuh?

Ferreira! Skyscrapers??? Wuh?

Well a lot has happened! Packing bags has never been my favorite but I’m getting really good at rolling up my clothes now :) Sadly I left great Novo Osasco but I gotta say that Ferreira is really awesome too! Its definitely different but I already feel very welcome and ready to get to work! Our apartment is very cute and homey compared to my great house experiences in the past and I’m loving working with Sis Covey.

I’m really working on trusting the Lord with putting two Americans together in the richest area of the mission.  I’ve actually spoken more English this past week than I have in the whole mission. There are quite a few American families and people who went to school in the U.S.  so they talk sometimes to us in’s such a struggle! Every other word is Portuguese. It’s gonna be awesome. So here they have free English class that we teach with a member which is cool.

we only get to do laundry on Fridays cause its a part of the condominium and we have it from 7-10 but doesn't leave enough time for the dryers so we make a clothes line haha

I got here and they were getting ready for G_____ to be baptized this Sunday. Got here just at the right time:) and A_____ received the holy ghost (man below with us). I’ve started to maintain a bit better appearance and such but this is for my own good anyway.

Easter happened!!! Sadly the street was empty Saturday but we were able to have miracles happen because of the Lord. We have an investigator who is progressing a ton, P___, she basically already has a testimony of everything and is marked for the 10th :)

For Easter we used our Bobs coupon to buy two milkshakes for 11 reis and ended up buying little burgers as well but boy did I struggle with ordering...where’s my Brazilian to help me??? This is gonna be a great ride :) Anyway, that’s what’s happened with me! Know that I’m doing well :) not having to kill spiders but having the opportunity to always use elevators now...and closing and opening apartment gates when they automatically click it open. Life is great wherever the Lord puts us :)

"Consider the Lilies of the field" and work diligently to be worthy to behold the face of God D&C 84:23. That’s my goal everyone. I’m making sure my worthiness and testimony are worthy enough to behold the face of Him who knows everything and loves eternally.

Love you guys! Happy semana.

Tchau from Sis Oldroyd, The high life sister who is going to start using eyeliner now...maybe

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


This week felt pretty calm as if not much happened and then BOOM! It all came crashing.....I have 8 mission months! How awesome and old that is right? I almost have the opportunity to take the 9 month pregnant pic. Well, we got to go to São Paulo this past Thursday because my daughter (Sister M. Soares) had new missionary training. What did that mean for me? Doing contacts in front and inviting people to have a tour of the chapel the whole day. It was a bit exhausting but worth it in the end cause we were able to bring 4 people in and feel the spirit together. Some of them really had great questions and desires to know more. I hope they went to church where it is closest to them!

Thanks for the awesome Easter package mom! Your package creativity is growing tremendously. They thought these toys were so fascinating. Loved it all! You would be surprised to know I wore the musical note earrings this past Sunday. I’m progressing appearance wise :)

We are going to move homes!!! No more gigantic spiders! Count your blessings :) you don’t have to see me killing them anymore. We successfully found an apartment (15th floor) and are going to move next week. It’s gonna be soo cool....but guess what? I’m not going to be here!!!! Man...what a bummer. I survived 2 transfers with these bad boys and finally have the chance to see our victory (meaning our new apartment) and I’m leaving tomorrow! Let’s rewind and I will explain.

Saturday we had a great RS activity breakfast, where M was able to come. It was a temple themed activity with a game we played talking of the things that help us make it to the temple and things that don’t, until one group won, entered the "temple" (or paper temple hanging in front of the stage) and got to go up there and get a gift....we lost. But the cool part was seeing them come back for us. Each person picked someone and helped them enter the temple. When we were there together, they shared a wonderful testimony of the importance of temples and that it’s not just for us, but everyone. Our goal shouldn’t be to go alone, but with someone, whether family names or friends, neighbors, and family. The temple is sacred. We should want to share it, and make sure others are enjoying the wonderful blessings it brings.

During the week as well, I got to hear the sweetest prayers from Guilherme who is 11 and a recent convert. We had shown them the Easter video and invited him to say the closing prayer. He quietly kneeled, and bowed his head, and spoke with the sincerest voice and tone I had ever heard. I knew without a doubt that Heavenly Father was listening to his simple requests and sweetest things that he thanked him for. The thought, "of course He hears our prayers" appeared as he finished his prayer because I felt His love. I felt His presence because of the power of Guilherme’s prayer. I hope someday I can pray with the type of certainly he prayed with. He knew who He was talking to and knew it was an important conversation that needed to be relayed with sacred spirituality. Like I’ve said before, Prayer has Power! Use that power daily :) We are super heros!  Cheesy but true!

I’ll jump to the transfer part cause I know you’re dying to know :) so Sunday came around, after trying to get investigators to church, being friendly to everyone at church and eating lunch directly after church (we get out at 1, and they wanted us there at 1:15) work went on as usual, except for the fact we would be getting our call sometime that day......unfortunately we didn’t get didn’t come...we finally heard that president had been in a meeting and didn’t give the OK until 7 o’clock when usually they start at 3....we had made it to our Family night when our phone was ringing..Pres.....Pres....Pres...nope! I don’t wanna answer! No! Ah! This usually means a calling is coming and sis Lozano already guessed I’d be called but what about the rest of my training with my daughter??? What about this wonderful area? Sis M. Soares answered. Talked to him a bit and then handed me the phone. He said thank you for your service but you have been called as a Sister Líder you accept this calling? I accepted with a fire of nerves, confusion, and shock in my heart. I will be serving in Ferreira with Sister Covey. A rich area (President’s ward) and an American comp :) we will certainly see how it goes but you can bet this transfer will be all prayers, and love and trusting in the Lord.

From church this week and Easter "Imagine all of us forming a line to make it to Christ in Gethsemane, and making my way to Him slowly as He takes everything upon himself, and finally arriving to Him and standing in front of Him as I watch Him take everything and know He is feeling it all.....seeing it all....experiencing it all! I will submit in my life. Oh how I would cry tears of sadness but also tears of gratitude and wish to remove all that He must take because of me" This Easter, remember why we use eggs; The symbol of new birth; A chance to break that shell and live as Christ. He definitely broke that shell for us and now we are living, free from that enclosed shell of sin. Give a little back! Rejoice! Pray always, He wants to hear us. Boy do we have so many things to thank him for this Easter. I love you all. I love my Savior.

And Sister Sydney Oldroyd loves you! Happy Easter :) from not the Easter bunny but an eager sister who wants to share the gospel :)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Woah! Crazy!

To be honest I just put that as the title cause I am done trying to be crafty and snappy with those phrases....bear with me :) This week was great as usual cause I’m living the life as a missionary of God. Soooo, can’t get better than that (well maybe if we had just an hour or so after lunch to take a nap that would make it positively perfect but I can’t complain, just suggest :)

Just awesome news about the progress of M. She was confirmed this past Sunday and went to a fireside with some members later that day. We saw her as she was leaving with them and she looked so member-like; black dress and a blazer. So awesome! She wants to find clothes that are modest so bad. She’s trying so hard to change her life around and has already started  and pay tithing etc...She is amazing. All I can say :)

Obedience is truly something amazing. Just this week when I was trying to be obedient and finding a house that was given to us as a reference (#500 but the streets don’t have an order so we have to basically start at the end of the street and walk it entirely until we have looked at every house) and we got burned out with trying to look for number 500 amongst numbers 100 and 50s and 60s. So we stopped looking at every house...until we passed a man and his gate. A thought and desire to stop and talk to him made me return and invite him to come to church and to watch the Easter church video. During the contact my companion asked him if Michelly lived there who was the reference we were looking my mind I thought, why did she ask him that but as I looked eyes landed on a little number 500....I just smiled, gave the Lord a thought of thankfulness for helping us contact the reference when we almost passed it by. When we are being obedient and willing to do his will, he makes it almost too easy. Especially when finding that 500 was like a needle in a haystack...but with Him, it was obvious and in plain sight.

I have a great metaphor for you guys (it’s been a while, right??) This morning I was studying D&C and section 62:3 made me think of the movie Inside Out and how the girl has "key memories" or something and how it’s the same thing with our Testimonies recorded in heaven. Just imagine if we could relive or watch the moments when our testimony grew. I can only vividly remember a few of them but boy am I grateful for the impact they made on my spiritual progression and my testimony’s stability. Don’t worry everyone; our testimonies are being recorded in heaven! I challenge you guys to try and re-live those simple but powerful testimony testifiers :) Just like they re-watch her "key memories" in the movie. Without her key memories, she forgets who she is, and it’s exactly the same with us and who we are spiritually. Without our testimony moments, who are we? Are we spirit children of Heavenly Father? Yes! Thank goodness. We each are spiritually unique. I’m so glad that I can build my testimony :) So glad that some things that happen here are being preserved in Heaven. What do you guys want recorded in heaven? Well that’s my two bits for this week. Hope you guys share your testimonies and remember who you are, a spirit son and daughter of God!

Sis Oldroyd, one who stores her testimony on the records in heaven, where angels, her Savior and Father in Heaven can read of her progression :)

Monday, March 7, 2016

So Powerful!

Well M was baptized!!! It was so powerful! So spiritual and just what I imagined. Her parents came to watch and support (they were very supportive and happy like always!) We sang a special musical number for her. M and her mother cried. All went as planned and M is progressing so well! She’s already dived into reading Gospel Principles, and the Book of Mormon every chance she gets. I gave her a mini hymn book cause I want her to always have the hymns close to her heart as they are to mine. I also could tell that her parents appreciated the music as well. She’s basically gained a new library with a new bible, triple, hymn book etc. We are working on teaching her parents as well. They need to get married and start keeping the word of Wisdom. We already did a fast for them and we are hoping for something more for them to stop completely! 

This week we had multi-zona conference. It was great! Our zone sang and I played the piano to "Vinde a Cristo" or "Come unto Christ" and I had two days to practice the music (shout out to my great piano teacher and encouraging mother! Piano has saved me many times on the mission!) We had some great training and practices and talks given. Just some thoughts from it; "Do I have a living testimony?" "I’m here to cure the sick world through the Atonement Antidote" "Do I personally believe I am capable?" Sing for the Savior. Don’t let the Savior suffer more than He already has because of my future choices. We are angels to others; it just depends on their hearts and our actions. "The mission makes me cry" but that’s ok because it means I’m feeling the Spirit, seeing lives change and shedding a few tears for the drops of my Saviors blood. "Pray for the desire to Pray.  Let’s just say I love meetings like this! Feeling the spirit, getting that boost of "You can do this!!!"  

Another great thing was getting a box filled with pink...Valentine’s Day! Who knew the U.S. was so creative? I had forgotten how crazy we get with our holidays. haha Their Vday is in June. On to the quick tic tac story...I was using the Vday tic tacs that had little messages on them as often as possible (after lessons, lunches, pow wows) and one lesson was really special. We had just taught Rafaela the Plan of Salvation. She had let us in from the rain, on her birthday when she was eating cake chillin in bed watching tv with her this situation I was thinking..."would I have let two strangers in?" Well I’m so happy she did! The lesson went really well and I randomly offered them tic tacs. You know me, and she said "Wow, from the U.S., fancy! I’m going to keep them and not eat them..."  Ok, fine with me :) later the next day a member who is friends with her showed me a facebook post she made. There was a photo with her hand open showing the three tic tacs, and said something like" What a great birthday present it was to receive the servants of the Lord on my birthday and being reminded that He loves me. And fancy USA tic tacs!" Well that wasn’t too good of a translation but you get the really showed me that there are people prepared to receive us and the small things (like tic tacs) make a big difference :) 

Also, I’m the pro spider killer! Sadly, another gigantic spider would be so proud of me for how I killed the hugest spider this week...Sis L sprayed the stuff at descended with its silk...tried running away.......and then I creamed it with the broom...various times....until it didn’t move....then we poured boiling water on it......then we sprayed some chemicals.......what is this house going to do without Sis Oldroyd and Sis L? haha The other sister was in our room trying not to freak out and my comp filmed it for me ;) Isn’t that a great companion? 

All in all a productive week :) Thanks for all the support!! Know that I’m doing well!! 
Sis Oldroyd the broom spider swatter

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

An Invitation

Well let’s just cut to the chase! Tonight we are going to have the baptism of Maysa! The "moça" or young woman I stopped to talk to in the street and found her crying two weeks ago. She has come so far from that day. As we were talking with her she said that day she was at hairs end, with no idea of what to do next but possibly end her life. But she said two angels found her that day and yesterday during Gospel Principles, she commented that she knew of various gospels but not the "Restored Gospel" until we came along and invited her to join. That’s how simple it is folks, an invitation. A sincere question if they would like to join the Church of Jesus Christ. Many are waiting, as was Maysa. She just didn’t know it :) What is funny about her situation is that last Sunday she came to church but had to leave after a bit for work.  Unfortunately she works a lot, usually 2 o’clock until 10 o’clock at night so that was limiting our time to teach her. We were unable to visit her during this past week because we aren’t too used to leaving our house during studies for lessons until she called us Wednesday asking, "Aren’t I preparing for baptism and need to be learning things?" Boy did we just think.....Repentance! We had been totally slacking in the progression of one of the Lord’s Children who was ready to progress. We ran right over, taught her in two days (one of which the baptismal interview happened directly after) and set up her baptism for the day of her break. She is such a great example of repentance and progression. She’s only 18 (almost 19 in April) but has already gone through so many things, but knows this is her next step in life. This is her path she will take, and she has decided to never leave again.

Gotta take advantage of the kids and making connections...
especially when they hand you their glasses

Other than this great happening the week was normal. We had a great sister training meeting thing. Obviously got out my camera and took a few selfies with some of these amazing sisters who I have come to love dearly. I can proudly say that my beloved daughter was chosen to do the baptismal invitation practice like I did my first sister meeting! So proud :)

Renato wasn’t at home a lot this week for us to teach him but he did play some soccer on Tuesday and we were surprised to hear from a member during  lunch on Saturday that he was there cleaning the chapel as times even members don’t do that! Go Renato!

I have so much more appreciation for family history and the sacredness of our calling to do that work within the house of the Lord. We reminded Maria one day about the lesson we had taught about temples, by showing her a picture of the São Paulo and SLC temple that were on our phone. Maria walked over to show her father Manuel (who has principles of Alzheimer’s) the picture of the SLC temple and told him, "Dad, this is their temple" he responded with," That’s a very pretty place. I saw my dad and brother the other day in a pretty place too" with the most sincere and real intent in his voice as if he had truly seen them. At that moment my heart leapt and my eyes blinked with surprise because of this miraculous connection he had just made!  Maria quickly responded saying that it was a dream but the way he quickly connected the beauty of the temple with the beautiful feeling and remembrance of him and his family just only strengthened my testimony of this Gospel’s truth and power to seal families forever.

I’ve started a pot of gratitude (an awesome yellow plastic Brazil jersey piggy bank haha) that I’ve been filling with moments or things I am grateful for. It’s going to be awesome. I suggest everyone buy a cool jersey piggy bank and start filling it up with not only coins, but precious memories and gratitudes :)

Real quick, I gave a talk! Woo hoo! Luckily I had about an hour in advance to prepare and it was about missionary work. I wasn’t even too nervous but just beaming up there because I could look into the eyes of Maysa and see her progression and sweet spirit. I’ve actually felt that from all the members here in Novo Osasco. Yes I was a bit nervous about the language but I’ve learned to Trust the Lord, Bear my testimony, and let Him help me communicate through His spirit. I know now through the help of Maysa that this is the work of the Lord that I was sent here to do in Brasil, Novo Osasco; to run into Maysa one day in the street when I almost didn’t stop, to invite her to make a change that everyone has the ability to make. She almost thought there was no way out but I was given the amazing opportunity to represent my Salvador (Savior) and shine the light when all seemed dark. He is our Light and Life. I’m living because of Him, and she’s shining because she was willing to endure the burn. Let’s all endure the burn, so we can shine like Him. Don’t just shine like a match, but go big, be a sparkler!!! haha couldn’t resist :) Love you all. Have a wonderful week. Know that I will for sure.


Sis Oldroyd the still kitchen dancer, twitcher, mover :) haha (shhhh it’s a secret. I only dance a bit in our house to the groovy church music)