Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rabbit? Quail?

So folks I totally forgot to tell you guys that I ate rabbit last week! Without knowing it. So we were just eating our lunch like normal and then the irmã goes “How’s the rabbit?" and an Elder goes “Rabbit? But in Portuguese its coelho...I totally thought the rest of the lunch it was quail. I thought all birds taste the same basically but then my brain kicked together when someone said rabbit...well now...that changes things. It was pretty good. The same as chicken just a bit stiffer.

We learned how to make paçoca last pday. 
It's this delicious peanut candy!! Yummy stuff

This week we had a great fhe about our 'first testimonies' where we actually started believing that this was the true church. I got to share my experience about when I was turning 12, and went to Women’s conference with my mom and some other family members. I distinctly remember sitting there antsy for it to start, chatting with my mom and cousin when all of a sudden it went silent and everyone began to stand....I turned to my mother to ask what was going on. she explained while pointing "He's coming in" as I turned my head to see, the spirit overwhelmed my little body and heart as I saw President Gordon B Hinckley slowly entering the conference hall with a smile on his face. I knew in that moment there was no other man chosen by God as his living Prophet. That silence and focus was the best we could do at that moment to show our respect and love for all he did. I was only 12 but I will never doubt that we have living prophets today. The spirit testifies of truth, even to 12 year olds. As I have thought about this it has made me think of all the other special moments where I have felt the spirit and my testimony was strengthened. I invite all of you to try and think of your 'first testimony' and maybe write it down or share it with someone because that first moment is key to where we are today and who we have become because of it. Think also of all the other testimony moments. Aren’t they just amazing Godly moments? We are so blessed to have the ability to feel the spirit.

This week we also got to paint someone’s front room and the front of their house! First paint job on the mission! Finally, it’s about time after all the offers we have given to the people after we each lunch...."can we do anything to help? Wash dishes? Paint walls?"

So transfers happened and we are staying together at least on more! I am so excited to keep up the work. We are slowly getting to know our area better and marking more family nights to strengthen all the new members and to find new investigators. I am so blessed to have a healthy body and a companion who is willing to walk at my pace. Know that I am well and starting to put on sun screen...it’s getting a little hotter day by day but I think the rain will come back...

Some questions I have asked myself this week have been...Why do wounds take so long to heal? What are my works worth? What am I paving for my future family to follow? Am I putting all my heart, might and strength in the work? Why is sleeping so amazing? Why have I been blessed with such a great metabolism? Am I a keeper of the covenants? Anyway, my mind has thought of a lot of things haha.

Have a great week! Enjoy every minute.

Sister Oldroyd- the sister who sometimes gets really hyper cause of sugar.....thanks to soccer candy fasts haha

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