Monday, August 15, 2016

Who is Jesus Christ to you?

Can I hear a woot woot for one year and one month today!!! It’s been a blast to see how far I have come, and not just by plane but by the spirit and by the bursts of faith.  This week has been great. Me and Sister Borges are teaching so well together and finding some great people. We’re doing our little practices every morning that "12 semanas" requires or Sister Borges training thing.

I just love waking up in the morning for another day, it still takes me a good 5 minutes to actually wake up but I’m up and ready! My mind just takes a while to function, so the Sisters find me staring off at the wall often. The joke is that I am capable of sleeping with my eyes open.....who knows. We have had some great references from the members and we have been working like crazy with all the recent converts. Unfortunately they live far away from each other but we are learning how to plan better :)

I just want you guys to ponder on a question real fast. Who is Jesus Christ to you? Let that sink in.

Something funny this week was our visit with F., a less active member who loves our visits but doesn’t show it on the outside haha. She yells, has a strong personality, and sometimes swears but she just needs some love and we are here to give it. She has given me the nickname Carne Seca (or beef jerky/dry meat) cause I need to gain weight. I rubbed my eyes at the end of our visit, but she then turned to me saying "What is it carne seca? Why are you crying??" and I was I’m ok!  But I finally was able to convince her I was fine and just tired. She said "You scared me. I thought you were sad! And I didn’t know what to do for you!" Man I love F. Yes she smokes, yes she swears a ton (thanks to being not so fluent in Portuguese swear words it doesn’t bother me) But she is a daughter of God and she has talents. She knows how to put a smile on someone’s face. She knows who she is, and she knows who God is. I’m grateful for our visits.

We also got to visit L. and have her start the Book of Mormon; This time with a question in mind. She wrote it down and every time she goes to read she is going to remind herself of the question. We will see how it goes. I am doing it with her! It’s been fun to find the answers in this true book from God :)

This week I have also had a lot of time to wash the lunch dishes and just ponder. Washing dishes is so relaxing and fulfilling cause you can see your work being done in front of your eyes and it feels so great to see the water washing away the rice and bean residue.

We had a great FHE where we talked about who Christ is to them and how I have realized, Christ is REAL. HE isn’t some story. He isn’t some legend. But HE existed and exists today. HE is my brother and I am so grateful to be saved by Him.

This week the sacrament blessed me. As I drank the little cup of water I could feel it entering my body. I could hear myself say, "clean me" remove the wrong. That’s what the sacrament should be to us, a renewal, a Christ cleanser.

This is 'caldo' or broth that they make here. I bought the potato 
and meat one with cilantro, thought of mom. Every Friday night they 
have the farmers market! Can anyone say Mangos and bananas??

It’s raining right now for the first time in about a month and a half. It’s been a while. It’s been cold but it hasn’t rained. Rain brings such a cleansing feeling. It always makes me think of that primary song. (I can’t remember the name at the moment but you know what I mean). I love the power Christ has and how he lovingly gave us the priesthood too. I love my mission. I love my life. And this week I had the epiphany that with a perfect body after the resurrection, that could mean drinking boiling tea wouldn’t hurt me right? Cause my body would be perfect and not feel pain? I am so impatient for waiting for the tea to cool down a bit...and a burned tongue just doesn’t work....I love drinking a hot cup of tea in the morning, (without breaking the word of wisdom).

Have a great week in August! Can’t believe it!

Sis Oldroyd- the sister who made our District Leader a balloon hat for his bday, maybe industrial design is for me :)

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