Monday, July 25, 2016

From Ferreira to the Countryside of Caucaia :)

Well folks I am in another world! Caucaia has so much fresh air and trees and has been quite chilly cause of that but I can’t complain! I have loved meeting the cute humble members and getting to my area with my new comp Sister Borges who is from Rio and is 19. She has been a member for 7 years and almost everyone in her family is a member. We both are new to the area so we got to know it this week. Taking buses into the countryside to find our lunch appointments and using a fun little drawn map a sister gave us on Wednesday during our district meeting. We tried using it Thursday and it went well! We were able to find a few old investigators and recent converts by looking at her little map because fun fact...we don’t have one. Well we have a few that Elders drew a year ago and is in our area book but it’s easier for someone to just show you where they live.

I have loved living in four again. Fun little adventures with the cold, walking on dirt trails and training. Mission life is full of just twists and turns but the fun thing is to see what’s around those corners! Even in the cold, we have been able to feel so much love already and so many of the cars stop for people to cross the street! How awesome is that :) The Lord’s hand is totally involved in this work :) This is my first time opening an area but I can’t wait to really rely on the Lord and trust in Him; Try listening to the spirit better and just going with the ideas that come to my mind. Ideas require action! The spirit gives us so many thoughts in order for us to act.

I’ve already eaten a Churro which has been a while! We are going to try and run in the morning and she is going to help me be even more fluent in Portuguese cause it has been sooo long since I have had a Brasilian comp. She is so willing to help and learn and I am very excited to work with Sister Borges! I feel like I have so much to say but nothing is coming at the moment.

We had interviews with president here on Thursday. He is such a sweet special guy. We were able to talk a little bit more and he gave me some counsel. I am so lucky to be serving! Just know that I am the biggest fan of Christ. And what do fans do? They follow the person, mimic them, and know who they are, cheer, and learn. In Portuguese its "Seja um Fã de Cristo"- Love Portuguese.

Just some study thoughts I’ve had this week.. "Day by Day we prepare to walk before God, guilt free!" Mosiah 4:26 make sure you all are preparing yourself to walk with and before God sinless, and it all starts back with repentance and our baptismal covenants. A cute experience was after our lunch on Sunday, the Elders had the opportunity to bless some bread and water for a 93 year old member and her daughter who stayed from church to watch over her. We sat and watched as the Elders kneeled to bless and break it for them. It really hit me that even these two humble sweet sisters needed to partake of the sacrament because Christ suffered for us all and it is necessary that we remember and continue this covenant. I felt so much love and just wanted to cry tears of gratitude for the meaning the sacrament has on all of us. I am so grateful as well that the elders were worthy to do the ordinance for them. We have so much of God among us, we just unfortunately forget, and take for granted what he has given. Aproveite! Or take advantage please :) I will be grateful and for sure our Father in Heaven will be as well :) Love you all, happy days of living for you all!

Loves Sister Oldroyd- the tight wearer...only for now

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