Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Visit to Cotia!

Well everyone this week was a special one!!! I got to go back to my first area! But let me start from the beginning. Monday was a normal pday where we weren’t able to use the free government computer place so we had to walk a bit to the other one. Then I bought a couple groceries and snacks :) pastel! Basically pday is my eat more day....then we chilled at home cutting pictures and words out of the liahona and sticking them on the wall...the classic mission craft. I wrote some cards that’ll take me forever to send cause there isn’t a post office here. I listened to my same 300 church songs....until we had a family night with a less active member who made us cake ad juice :)

In honor of dad, found this after our lunch on Sunday. 
Does not compare to yours at all.

Tuesday was a normal day with a few lessons and another fun family night! Where this family lives is a little complicated but with prayer, flashlights and silence we were able to make it down the dark dirt trail road to their place :) They also made cake and a whole dinner. We decided (us four) to leave them the Christ box message. I love this message. You grab a box and put a bunch of Christ pictures in the middle. Then on the outside you have them write difficulties, things that make you mad, sins etc. and you have them stab out their anger or sadness. Then you explain how we don’t have to pass through all these things alone...but one knows EXACTLY how we feel. You open the box for them to see Christ’s pictures a little ripped and torn. This usually almost makes me cry, but that night was great for this family to remember this little truth. Actually quite a big one, Christ’s suffering isn’t just some side detail. 

Wednesday we had our zone meeting where we got some more counsel from President Thomas about focusing more on baptizing converts, and teaching more in depth. From Wednesday to Friday morning I was in Cotia! Sister Borges stayed here with our STL and I went to Cotia to be with her companion. It was so much fun! That night they had their usual meeting with the LMA, so I got to see lots of members in the church that night! Then Thursday we got to work and went on a few trails I never went on in my days there. New houses had been built in some places and walls painted different colors. Even the milkshake stand is now a shishkabob stand! Sad day....but I loved going back. I even got to see a less active member A who I got to find when being in Cotia, who now is active! 

Friday we got to find our way (me, Borges, Covey, Correia, Cellurale and Chagas) to a church for new missionary training that we have never been to. It wasn’t in the usual church next to the temple but we got instructions and found our way to it. There we learned some more things, did a relaxing exercise with Sister Thomas, did a few practices and played a game to see how well we knew our companions. It was super fun but we got home at 8:30 cause the thing ended at 5 oclock ish and the bus was late and had traffic so a 3 hour bus ride! Standing up :) woohoo and did I forget to mention that after the division on Friday went straight to the training so I got to lug my little backpack around? Yup, fun times. I am so blessed though :)

I learned a lot these last couple of days. Just want to share a few phrases of knowledge. 1. “Seek first to be a friend not a foe”  2. “To know it is true, it won’t just be given to you, but a sincere prayer is all you must do” (did I try too hard? haha) 3. From President Thomas: 'How awful it would be if I had to be married to myself; How grateful I am for my wife" haha laughed with that one 4. “Be God made”, we may work our best and end up with no one prepared but really what the Lord was doing was better preparing us. 5. “Correction is inevitable” why would someone take a test that wouldn’t be corrected? We chose to be a part of God’s test. Obviously He needs to correct us or the test has no worth 6. “Return through Repentance.” These are a few of my thoughts this week.

I have been so blessed by partaking of the sacrament and prayer. I was able to bear my testimony yesterday in Sacrament meeting and testify of how grateful I am for the gospel’s simplicity; And that because of Him I can be bettered. Love you guys ;) Have a great week of life! I will try not to look at many TV screens! Curse you Olympics! haha Just know that my Olympic coin collection is progressing, I’m up to 12 now! Yessssss!

Sister Oldroyd - the sister who had a dog friend for the day cause she followed us everywhere for 3 hours.

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