Tuesday, March 1, 2016

An Invitation

Well let’s just cut to the chase! Tonight we are going to have the baptism of Maysa! The "moça" or young woman I stopped to talk to in the street and found her crying two weeks ago. She has come so far from that day. As we were talking with her she said that day she was at hairs end, with no idea of what to do next but possibly end her life. But she said two angels found her that day and yesterday during Gospel Principles, she commented that she knew of various gospels but not the "Restored Gospel" until we came along and invited her to join. That’s how simple it is folks, an invitation. A sincere question if they would like to join the Church of Jesus Christ. Many are waiting, as was Maysa. She just didn’t know it :) What is funny about her situation is that last Sunday she came to church but had to leave after a bit for work.  Unfortunately she works a lot, usually 2 o’clock until 10 o’clock at night so that was limiting our time to teach her. We were unable to visit her during this past week because we aren’t too used to leaving our house during studies for lessons until she called us Wednesday asking, "Aren’t I preparing for baptism and need to be learning things?" Boy did we just think.....Repentance! We had been totally slacking in the progression of one of the Lord’s Children who was ready to progress. We ran right over, taught her in two days (one of which the baptismal interview happened directly after) and set up her baptism for the day of her break. She is such a great example of repentance and progression. She’s only 18 (almost 19 in April) but has already gone through so many things, but knows this is her next step in life. This is her path she will take, and she has decided to never leave again.

Gotta take advantage of the kids and making connections...
especially when they hand you their glasses

Other than this great happening the week was normal. We had a great sister training meeting thing. Obviously got out my camera and took a few selfies with some of these amazing sisters who I have come to love dearly. I can proudly say that my beloved daughter was chosen to do the baptismal invitation practice like I did my first sister meeting! So proud :)

Renato wasn’t at home a lot this week for us to teach him but he did play some soccer on Tuesday and we were surprised to hear from a member during  lunch on Saturday that he was there cleaning the chapel as well....at times even members don’t do that! Go Renato!

I have so much more appreciation for family history and the sacredness of our calling to do that work within the house of the Lord. We reminded Maria one day about the lesson we had taught about temples, by showing her a picture of the São Paulo and SLC temple that were on our phone. Maria walked over to show her father Manuel (who has principles of Alzheimer’s) the picture of the SLC temple and told him, "Dad, this is their temple" he responded with," That’s a very pretty place. I saw my dad and brother the other day in a pretty place too" with the most sincere and real intent in his voice as if he had truly seen them. At that moment my heart leapt and my eyes blinked with surprise because of this miraculous connection he had just made!  Maria quickly responded saying that it was a dream but the way he quickly connected the beauty of the temple with the beautiful feeling and remembrance of him and his family just only strengthened my testimony of this Gospel’s truth and power to seal families forever.

I’ve started a pot of gratitude (an awesome yellow plastic Brazil jersey piggy bank haha) that I’ve been filling with moments or things I am grateful for. It’s going to be awesome. I suggest everyone buy a cool jersey piggy bank and start filling it up with not only coins, but precious memories and gratitudes :)

Real quick, I gave a talk! Woo hoo! Luckily I had about an hour in advance to prepare and it was about missionary work. I wasn’t even too nervous but just beaming up there because I could look into the eyes of Maysa and see her progression and sweet spirit. I’ve actually felt that from all the members here in Novo Osasco. Yes I was a bit nervous about the language but I’ve learned to Trust the Lord, Bear my testimony, and let Him help me communicate through His spirit. I know now through the help of Maysa that this is the work of the Lord that I was sent here to do in Brasil, Novo Osasco; to run into Maysa one day in the street when I almost didn’t stop, to invite her to make a change that everyone has the ability to make. She almost thought there was no way out but I was given the amazing opportunity to represent my Salvador (Savior) and shine the light when all seemed dark. He is our Light and Life. I’m living because of Him, and she’s shining because she was willing to endure the burn. Let’s all endure the burn, so we can shine like Him. Don’t just shine like a match, but go big, be a sparkler!!! haha couldn’t resist :) Love you all. Have a wonderful week. Know that I will for sure.


Sis Oldroyd the still kitchen dancer, twitcher, mover :) haha (shhhh it’s a secret. I only dance a bit in our house to the groovy church music)

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