Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Fruit of Our Labors

Boy was it a great week! Everyone wishes to get the call I did this past Wednesday from a sister in Cotia telling me that the less active and her family who I was teaching got married and were going to have the baptism on Friday! So I figured out how to get there with permission and got to go!!! Andreia, Marcelo and Àlvaro ;) Something special was that their son who has autism got baptized as well with permission from President Del Guerso :) I feel so blessed to have been there and see I really am making a difference. Even though I wasn’t serving in Cotia at the time of the wedding and baptism, I’m counting it as my first baptism :)

Real quick, Renato is great! He is progressing really well!

This week we decided to stop in the nearest McDonalds for a pit stop only to find the bathrooms on the second floor...McDonalds are pretty fancy here....

Also my new district this transfer is a musical one which is new too! Very different to actually hear the bass and tenor parts behind me as I play piano.

Maysa was able to make it to church this week, we need to teach her the word of wisdom but she’s been able to return to work and is reading everything in the Book of Mormon we tell her to!

Some insights from my studies this week; D&C 31:5 we need to be a laborer worth his paycheck, 2 Ne 2:2 I’m so grateful that God turns our afflictions into gain. He is capable of turning anything into a blessing. He just wants the best for us! I love the story about the girl going for the summer to live with her great aunt and learning to enjoy life more. The pioneer painting that says, joy in the journey. I really am enjoying this Brasilian journey that’s filled with the Holy Ghost, love, and blessings. I have tasted the bitter at times, but this only helps me enjoy the taste of sweetness even more. And let me tell you, there is a lot of sugar to go around :) I love you! Know that I have the faith to follow. The faith to act. And the faith to share because it’s all according to our faith. Our willingness to do His will. I don’t know if I’m making sense but this keyboard is making it difficult to type my thoughts in a peaceful smooth manner when every key is stuck. I try..and so should you :)

Happy week to you all!
Loves Sister Oldroyd an almost Brasilian :)

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