Monday, March 7, 2016

So Powerful!

Well M was baptized!!! It was so powerful! So spiritual and just what I imagined. Her parents came to watch and support (they were very supportive and happy like always!) We sang a special musical number for her. M and her mother cried. All went as planned and M is progressing so well! She’s already dived into reading Gospel Principles, and the Book of Mormon every chance she gets. I gave her a mini hymn book cause I want her to always have the hymns close to her heart as they are to mine. I also could tell that her parents appreciated the music as well. She’s basically gained a new library with a new bible, triple, hymn book etc. We are working on teaching her parents as well. They need to get married and start keeping the word of Wisdom. We already did a fast for them and we are hoping for something more for them to stop completely! 

This week we had multi-zona conference. It was great! Our zone sang and I played the piano to "Vinde a Cristo" or "Come unto Christ" and I had two days to practice the music (shout out to my great piano teacher and encouraging mother! Piano has saved me many times on the mission!) We had some great training and practices and talks given. Just some thoughts from it; "Do I have a living testimony?" "I’m here to cure the sick world through the Atonement Antidote" "Do I personally believe I am capable?" Sing for the Savior. Don’t let the Savior suffer more than He already has because of my future choices. We are angels to others; it just depends on their hearts and our actions. "The mission makes me cry" but that’s ok because it means I’m feeling the Spirit, seeing lives change and shedding a few tears for the drops of my Saviors blood. "Pray for the desire to Pray.  Let’s just say I love meetings like this! Feeling the spirit, getting that boost of "You can do this!!!"  

Another great thing was getting a box filled with pink...Valentine’s Day! Who knew the U.S. was so creative? I had forgotten how crazy we get with our holidays. haha Their Vday is in June. On to the quick tic tac story...I was using the Vday tic tacs that had little messages on them as often as possible (after lessons, lunches, pow wows) and one lesson was really special. We had just taught Rafaela the Plan of Salvation. She had let us in from the rain, on her birthday when she was eating cake chillin in bed watching tv with her this situation I was thinking..."would I have let two strangers in?" Well I’m so happy she did! The lesson went really well and I randomly offered them tic tacs. You know me, and she said "Wow, from the U.S., fancy! I’m going to keep them and not eat them..."  Ok, fine with me :) later the next day a member who is friends with her showed me a facebook post she made. There was a photo with her hand open showing the three tic tacs, and said something like" What a great birthday present it was to receive the servants of the Lord on my birthday and being reminded that He loves me. And fancy USA tic tacs!" Well that wasn’t too good of a translation but you get the really showed me that there are people prepared to receive us and the small things (like tic tacs) make a big difference :) 

Also, I’m the pro spider killer! Sadly, another gigantic spider would be so proud of me for how I killed the hugest spider this week...Sis L sprayed the stuff at descended with its silk...tried running away.......and then I creamed it with the broom...various times....until it didn’t move....then we poured boiling water on it......then we sprayed some chemicals.......what is this house going to do without Sis Oldroyd and Sis L? haha The other sister was in our room trying not to freak out and my comp filmed it for me ;) Isn’t that a great companion? 

All in all a productive week :) Thanks for all the support!! Know that I’m doing well!! 
Sis Oldroyd the broom spider swatter

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