Tuesday, March 22, 2016


This week felt pretty calm as if not much happened and then BOOM! It all came crashing.....I have 8 mission months! How awesome and old that is right? I almost have the opportunity to take the 9 month pregnant pic. Well, we got to go to São Paulo this past Thursday because my daughter (Sister M. Soares) had new missionary training. What did that mean for me? Doing contacts in front and inviting people to have a tour of the chapel the whole day. It was a bit exhausting but worth it in the end cause we were able to bring 4 people in and feel the spirit together. Some of them really had great questions and desires to know more. I hope they went to church where it is closest to them!

Thanks for the awesome Easter package mom! Your package creativity is growing tremendously. They thought these toys were so fascinating. Loved it all! You would be surprised to know I wore the musical note earrings this past Sunday. I’m progressing appearance wise :)

We are going to move homes!!! No more gigantic spiders! Count your blessings :) you don’t have to see me killing them anymore. We successfully found an apartment (15th floor) and are going to move next week. It’s gonna be soo cool....but guess what? I’m not going to be here!!!! Man...what a bummer. I survived 2 transfers with these bad boys and finally have the chance to see our victory (meaning our new apartment) and I’m leaving tomorrow! Let’s rewind and I will explain.

Saturday we had a great RS activity breakfast, where M was able to come. It was a temple themed activity with a game we played talking of the things that help us make it to the temple and things that don’t, until one group won, entered the "temple" (or paper temple hanging in front of the stage) and got to go up there and get a gift....we lost. But the cool part was seeing them come back for us. Each person picked someone and helped them enter the temple. When we were there together, they shared a wonderful testimony of the importance of temples and that it’s not just for us, but everyone. Our goal shouldn’t be to go alone, but with someone, whether family names or friends, neighbors, and family. The temple is sacred. We should want to share it, and make sure others are enjoying the wonderful blessings it brings.

During the week as well, I got to hear the sweetest prayers from Guilherme who is 11 and a recent convert. We had shown them the Easter video and invited him to say the closing prayer. He quietly kneeled, and bowed his head, and spoke with the sincerest voice and tone I had ever heard. I knew without a doubt that Heavenly Father was listening to his simple requests and sweetest things that he thanked him for. The thought, "of course He hears our prayers" appeared as he finished his prayer because I felt His love. I felt His presence because of the power of Guilherme’s prayer. I hope someday I can pray with the type of certainly he prayed with. He knew who He was talking to and knew it was an important conversation that needed to be relayed with sacred spirituality. Like I’ve said before, Prayer has Power! Use that power daily :) We are super heros!  Cheesy but true!

I’ll jump to the transfer part cause I know you’re dying to know :) so Sunday came around, after trying to get investigators to church, being friendly to everyone at church and eating lunch directly after church (we get out at 1, and they wanted us there at 1:15) work went on as usual, except for the fact we would be getting our call sometime that day......unfortunately we didn’t get it...it didn’t come...we finally heard that president had been in a meeting and didn’t give the OK until 7 o’clock when usually they start at 3....we had made it to our Family night when our phone was ringing..Pres.....Pres....Pres...nope! I don’t wanna answer! No! Ah! This usually means a calling is coming and sis Lozano already guessed I’d be called but what about the rest of my training with my daughter??? What about this wonderful area? Sis M. Soares answered. Talked to him a bit and then handed me the phone. He said thank you for your service but you have been called as a Sister Líder Treinadora...do you accept this calling? I accepted with a fire of nerves, confusion, and shock in my heart. I will be serving in Ferreira with Sister Covey. A rich area (President’s ward) and an American comp :) we will certainly see how it goes but you can bet this transfer will be all prayers, and love and trusting in the Lord.

From church this week and Easter "Imagine all of us forming a line to make it to Christ in Gethsemane, and making my way to Him slowly as He takes everything upon himself, and finally arriving to Him and standing in front of Him as I watch Him take everything and know He is feeling it all.....seeing it all....experiencing it all! I will submit in my life. Oh how I would cry tears of sadness but also tears of gratitude and wish to remove all that He must take because of me" This Easter, remember why we use eggs; The symbol of new birth; A chance to break that shell and live as Christ. He definitely broke that shell for us and now we are living, free from that enclosed shell of sin. Give a little back! Rejoice! Pray always, He wants to hear us. Boy do we have so many things to thank him for this Easter. I love you all. I love my Savior.

And Sister Sydney Oldroyd loves you! Happy Easter :) from not the Easter bunny but an eager sister who wants to share the gospel :)

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