Monday, March 28, 2016

Ferreira! Skyscrapers??? Wuh?

Ferreira! Skyscrapers??? Wuh?

Well a lot has happened! Packing bags has never been my favorite but I’m getting really good at rolling up my clothes now :) Sadly I left great Novo Osasco but I gotta say that Ferreira is really awesome too! Its definitely different but I already feel very welcome and ready to get to work! Our apartment is very cute and homey compared to my great house experiences in the past and I’m loving working with Sis Covey.

I’m really working on trusting the Lord with putting two Americans together in the richest area of the mission.  I’ve actually spoken more English this past week than I have in the whole mission. There are quite a few American families and people who went to school in the U.S.  so they talk sometimes to us in’s such a struggle! Every other word is Portuguese. It’s gonna be awesome. So here they have free English class that we teach with a member which is cool.

we only get to do laundry on Fridays cause its a part of the condominium and we have it from 7-10 but doesn't leave enough time for the dryers so we make a clothes line haha

I got here and they were getting ready for G_____ to be baptized this Sunday. Got here just at the right time:) and A_____ received the holy ghost (man below with us). I’ve started to maintain a bit better appearance and such but this is for my own good anyway.

Easter happened!!! Sadly the street was empty Saturday but we were able to have miracles happen because of the Lord. We have an investigator who is progressing a ton, P___, she basically already has a testimony of everything and is marked for the 10th :)

For Easter we used our Bobs coupon to buy two milkshakes for 11 reis and ended up buying little burgers as well but boy did I struggle with ordering...where’s my Brazilian to help me??? This is gonna be a great ride :) Anyway, that’s what’s happened with me! Know that I’m doing well :) not having to kill spiders but having the opportunity to always use elevators now...and closing and opening apartment gates when they automatically click it open. Life is great wherever the Lord puts us :)

"Consider the Lilies of the field" and work diligently to be worthy to behold the face of God D&C 84:23. That’s my goal everyone. I’m making sure my worthiness and testimony are worthy enough to behold the face of Him who knows everything and loves eternally.

Love you guys! Happy semana.

Tchau from Sis Oldroyd, The high life sister who is going to start using eyeliner now...maybe

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