Monday, March 14, 2016

Woah! Crazy!

To be honest I just put that as the title cause I am done trying to be crafty and snappy with those phrases....bear with me :) This week was great as usual cause I’m living the life as a missionary of God. Soooo, can’t get better than that (well maybe if we had just an hour or so after lunch to take a nap that would make it positively perfect but I can’t complain, just suggest :)

Just awesome news about the progress of M. She was confirmed this past Sunday and went to a fireside with some members later that day. We saw her as she was leaving with them and she looked so member-like; black dress and a blazer. So awesome! She wants to find clothes that are modest so bad. She’s trying so hard to change her life around and has already started  and pay tithing etc...She is amazing. All I can say :)

Obedience is truly something amazing. Just this week when I was trying to be obedient and finding a house that was given to us as a reference (#500 but the streets don’t have an order so we have to basically start at the end of the street and walk it entirely until we have looked at every house) and we got burned out with trying to look for number 500 amongst numbers 100 and 50s and 60s. So we stopped looking at every house...until we passed a man and his gate. A thought and desire to stop and talk to him made me return and invite him to come to church and to watch the Easter church video. During the contact my companion asked him if Michelly lived there who was the reference we were looking my mind I thought, why did she ask him that but as I looked eyes landed on a little number 500....I just smiled, gave the Lord a thought of thankfulness for helping us contact the reference when we almost passed it by. When we are being obedient and willing to do his will, he makes it almost too easy. Especially when finding that 500 was like a needle in a haystack...but with Him, it was obvious and in plain sight.

I have a great metaphor for you guys (it’s been a while, right??) This morning I was studying D&C and section 62:3 made me think of the movie Inside Out and how the girl has "key memories" or something and how it’s the same thing with our Testimonies recorded in heaven. Just imagine if we could relive or watch the moments when our testimony grew. I can only vividly remember a few of them but boy am I grateful for the impact they made on my spiritual progression and my testimony’s stability. Don’t worry everyone; our testimonies are being recorded in heaven! I challenge you guys to try and re-live those simple but powerful testimony testifiers :) Just like they re-watch her "key memories" in the movie. Without her key memories, she forgets who she is, and it’s exactly the same with us and who we are spiritually. Without our testimony moments, who are we? Are we spirit children of Heavenly Father? Yes! Thank goodness. We each are spiritually unique. I’m so glad that I can build my testimony :) So glad that some things that happen here are being preserved in Heaven. What do you guys want recorded in heaven? Well that’s my two bits for this week. Hope you guys share your testimonies and remember who you are, a spirit son and daughter of God!

Sis Oldroyd, one who stores her testimony on the records in heaven, where angels, her Savior and Father in Heaven can read of her progression :)

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