Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Me and My Viking Hair!

Well fam, time has never flown by quicker than it has this week! I completely forgot to tell you guys that one Sunday the translator wasn’t there for the Sacrament meeting so me and Sister Covey were asked by a family to try. Sister Covey battled about 2 of the 3 speakers then I tried. It was pretty funny to see her look at me and for us to just keep whispering "sorry" in the head set haha. I have so much respect for translators.

Multi-zone conference

Anyway....this week went by fast cause each day there was something to do. We had multi-zona where we sang I am Child of God as a zone and I got to play the piano :) Heard some great things from President and Sister Del Guerso as well as from Sister Costa (wife of President Costa from the presidency of the seventy) and she talked about the priesthood and mothers etc. I was so happy to be able to have heard my mother’s (Sister Rodrigues) testimony. She said something interesting about how someone asked her if she would be leaving her mission happy. I thought the same thing, will I leave my mission happy? I hope so because I have had some of the happiest memories and moments on the mission. Some other thoughts I had were "Children of the covenant are asked to do difficult things, it didn’t stop with Abraham" "seek and pray for new truths" "Edify others" "everything has a purpose because God is everything" and I will end with what my President always says"Always be by God’s side. Be close to Him". The special thing was afterwards going through a session with everyone and seeing Pres. and Sister in the Celestial room. It was such a blessing to be able to be in the house of the Lord and thank these two wonderful people for all they have done for me.

Pres and Sister Del Guerso

Something funny on another day this week was that in a lesson, the Lord had blessed us with 4 new investigators but unfortunately one of them kept insisting on giving us an ice cold glass of Coca-Cola...and being here in Brasil hasn’t changed my taste or tolerance for coke one bit...so of course my comp handed the more full glass to me and it was my great opportunity so slowly sip that burning blackness down. Phew! I didn’t make it all the way through but I drank quite a bit....I called it the Coke Choke haha.

So the Viking hair thing was hilarious. We were walking in the street and this guy comes running behind us and says, "I just had to stop you and say how much I love your hair! I study about Vikings and it’s my goal to have my hair like that, but your hair color is perfect and everything!" Haha! It was one of the oddest things anyone has ever said to me in the street, especially cause he stopped us. Usually we stop them in the street to talk.

This week I also went on a split with a sister and stayed in my area. I’m loving the opportunity to get to know the other sisters and helping them meet their goals. I’ve talked a lot more on the phone than I ever have but it’s been a great learning experience.

Today we had the good bye party for President and Sister Del Guerso. We sang them the mission hymn, which I love! It brings the spirit so quickly! We had them share some things and played a question game with them. And then we skyped our new president! It was crazy! But I know they are both called of God and that this is where I need to be.

Thank you for your prayers and your love. I’m doing so well and loving every minute. Tchau for now.


Sis Oldroyd
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