Monday, May 16, 2016

Answer our Prayers

Is anyone else feeling like I just took my 9 month picture??? I cannot even believe it’s in the double digits’s been a wonderful week! I don’t have much time but we had a great miracle. We had made a goal one day to do 20 contacts and find someone to go to church with us the next day. And after all of our tries it got to 9:30 and we were getting down in the dumps when sister did a contact and the lady said "Awesome, tomorrow, 9:00 o’clock? I’ve been looking for a religion for me and my kids!" As we left the contact we almost cried with joy! The Lord had answered our prayers and that confirmed to me that once we do all we can, he completes the rest. We also got to do a division for 2 days and I went there to stay :) Packed my bag and worked with some great sisters in Maria Rosa. It was a fabulous week!

Love you all! 

Until next time

Siser Oldroyd - the lady with the CTR ring of a dolphin

Who can I spy Kirst???? haha these are some of the yw  in our ward, we were invited to share the BoMs importance in their class. This girl trips me out every time...Kirst???

We made mandiocha (manjioca) ( i think that's how its spelled) its this root thing you boil and eat with salt and butter. They also make cake with it.

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