Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Receive relief

I took a bit more time responding to people so this will be quickly written. This week we had Conselho and lucky me and Sis Covey got to give a training on a mission principle that we have in the MSPO (Missão São Paulo Oeste). We gave it on PMF or Plano de Missão da Família, or how they can make goals and plans as a family to be more like a missionary or just spiritually stronger. We thought about it a lot and totally nailed it with our balloon activity. We had them each keep up a balloon individually until we made one elder try and keep up 5 balloons without them touching the ground. This was to keep the LZ's awake and more in tune to what we wanted to say. We don’t have to work alone as missionaries! We weren’t meant to keep all our investigators afloat anyway! So that was a small activity to stop complicating things and including the members with the PMF.

Messias, a sweet member who let us help her make lunch! it was delicious! fresh pineapple juice

We also got to visit the temple grounds with Paola this weekend and it went really well :) Unfortunately we didn’t get to sit very long in the waiting room because of her daughter screaming but luckily she felt the presence of the spirit so strongly by the few seconds we were there inside. We got to talk with her outside on the grounds a bit and how her goal now is to make it inside the House of the Lord. She is so spiritually strong and ready for more. I love this lady and will miss her dearly when I have to leave.

There was a ward Mother’s day activity that was fun! Of course all the men bought a bunch of pizzas, ha, typical but they had the YM pass the pizzas around and serve so that was nice. Me and Sister Covey are trying really hard to find new people to teach and creating better relationships with the members. We made quick little unplanned visits on some members where we share a brief message or sing a quick song just to let them know they are loved by us and the Lord. It has really helped us build a stronger relationship with them! One even invited us to come back and eat baguettes (those bread with tomato sauce and cheese things) with some other members. It went really well, and a few moments have actually lifted a few spirits of the members.

we got adventurous that day and hucked sticks until this fell 

As we have been teaching some of our recent converts or less actives, I have realized how important some basics are, with church attendance, daily scripture reading and faith builders. One of my hugest desires is to have constant faith. Never doubt again and I am getting to that point slowly! This p-day we got to go to the temple again. Wow I am so blessed. I was able to enter and leave my watch in the locker and just let it out. Give myself some peace. Some breathing time because here on the mission we are running everywhere and have so many things we need to do but inside the Lord’s house we go there to be with Him. We go there and receive relief. It was also really sweet seeing some quite older women but who still had a skip in their steps and a desire to go the temple. They sat in front of me and just had the light of Christ beaming within them. I immediately wanted to be more like them. I want to be firm in faith for eternity. I want what they have, conversion. I’m so glad I got to see them today in the house of the Lord and receive revelation that it is possible for me to have that, as long as I constantly have a prayer in my heart. As long as I put in my efforts of study and participation. God promises us so many blessings, we just need to obey and let them fall upon us. I’m so grateful that I can pay my fast offerings on the mission and after the mission my own tithes. It really is a sign of our faith and obedience because obviously God doesn’t need our money, but our love and faith. He needs our trust and confidence that all will be well if we just follow and act in His way. There’s nothing better than being exhausted but feeling the weight of the many things to do feel lighter. They don’t necessarily go away, but I know He is taking a majority of the weight or heat stroke or exhaustion to himself. I know that through these small tiring trials, I am becoming that much stronger, and taking one more step towards Him. I want them. I know they are for my benefit and I will continue to pray for help, so when these trials continue to come I can take them like a true disciple of Christ. I can take them without any complaint but gratitude knowing that afterwards I’ll be someone better, I know Him better and my life is still on His path. I love all this! The mission is totally making me into some preachy person but it’s all true and it is all coming from the heart. I love my family soo much and it was such a blessing to see them and hear of the good news (wink wink soon to be an aunt! yes that’s me...whoa. . . . aunt syd....auntie syd? aunt syddie? I’ll figure it out :) Hope you all have a great week! I’m doing fabulous here in Brasil. My country. My holy place where the Lord put me. I love Him and I love His plan. Let’s go get it done :)

after the laundry days I sometimes  shove all my clothes in my hoodie

Sister Oldroyd - the somewhat preachy person but who cares!

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