Tuesday, June 7, 2016

9 pieces of pizza.....maybe some juice too

Well this week flew by again as usual but this time it flew by with a full stomach :) It seemed like every house or situation was filled with food options. One day we not only ate one lunch but two.... was stuffed that day. Then we were taken to a pizza place for lunch on another day and it was all you could eat where they bring different ones around and I ate 9 pieces! 1 MaracatĂș, 1 Frango/catupiry, 1 pepperoni, 1 Americana, 1 Bacon, 2 Alcaponi, 1 chocolate, and 1 beijinho....it was such a miracle. I sure felt good about getting my money’s worth haha. The member was pretty happy too :)

So this week was our last district meeting! Took some great pictures and had to say good bye to some great people....We had another great little lesson with N and she said that she was able to have a little missionary experience where she remembered a scripture I had shared in the Bible and that she was able to tell it to her friend. She said it just popped into her head and felt like she needed to tell her friend about Christ’s peace overcomes the temporary moments of peace that the world brings (John 14:27).  I felt so happy for her!

I also don’t know if I have told you guys but we were able to take our recent converts to the temple. To see of their progression is amazing. We were able to see G and A up at the front blessing the sacrament together yesterday. It was such a tender mercy to see them and know how far they have come. President and Sister Farnes (of Sao Paulo Norte mission) said "Congrats. It’s like watching your children up there!" and it’s so true. We were smiling ear to ear as we watched them up there. The Lord is so wonderful and knows exactly what He’s doing with all the steps and progression we can make in the church.

This is our awesome princĂ­pios do evangelho class! We are such a great big family now! 

So I would love to hear from all of you about what scriptures means the most to you or what you would think would be a great one to share with someone. I’m all ears because there is always one more scripture to get to know. The more we learn of Him and His doctrine the better a disciple we become.

Transfer happened this Sunday and I will be staying here with Sister Harris! Yes, another American! woot woot! We will see how it goes :) I’m really excited to work with her.

Also this week we had a couple of FHE experiences. Some with games and the other no but all in all FHE is so important! I tried to do the flour tower with a penny but it kinda failed but it was worth a shot.

Something I studied this week was about the leper who needed to wash himself 7 times in a really dirty river. It made me think about how patient and just the Lord is with giving us the simplest of ways to cure ourselves. He doesn’t just hurry and cure us when we ask, not because He doesn’t like to see us in pain but because He wants our faith to build and better itself through action. Think of how simple washing off an illness might sound, just wash it off? What? There’s no way....but he trusted in the Lord and went in faith. Can you imagine what he was thinking as he was on the 4th then 5th time? He must've just been hoping and hoping as it got to the 7th time and to see the wounds wash away. It must have been miraculous and the proof that followed his faith. Imagine folks! We have that same promise to see these miracles, but they come after our faith :) Another principle that I want to better understand is repentance. Repentance to me is a new vision after we have asked for forgiveness and want to be better. We change our vision or where we are looking. We decide to look more towards the path of the Lord and have removed a bit more of the fog that’s in front of our eyes. Also, repentance prepares us to live in God’s presence. Fix your eyes on the glory of God.

Know that I’m learning every day. I might not be having a ton of lessons or a ton of baptisms but the Lord for sure is filling my days with opportunities and miracles. He is my helping hand. It’s a miracle for me to see so many of His children progressing. I’m so blessed to be able to know these Sister missionaries better, to know members, recent converts, myself and the Savior better all because He allowed me to serve. He allowed me to represent His Only Begotten Son. All I can say is wow. Words cannot describe everything. Just know I wish I could write into words the feeling I get when I bear my simple testimony in front of the ward on Sunday or in the street. Wherever I am, it is the same. My testimony is me and my testimony is centralized on Christ, so I’m hoping to become more like Him day by day. I will get better one day at explaining our day to day happenings but just try to imagine waking up every day at 6:30 knowing that today the Lord has promised miracles if you work diligently, worthily and obediently. Just imagine seeing the tears in someone’s eyes when you know they’ve felt the spirit. Just imagine getting splashed in the street but laughing about it because it’s only gutter water and will wash out but that you don’t get mad because you are in Brasil, serving these people, experiencing life there with them and just imagine those rough contacts in the street where they brush you off or don’t respond to you and your invite because Jesus Christ was rejected as well. He knows exactly how you feel, to any point. Even to the point of bleeding from every pore. I don’t think I will ever make it to that point, but how grateful I am that He did so I wouldn’t have to. I only need to endure the little things in comparison. I love you all so much! We are truly one big happy family! Woo Hoo! Have a great week.

Sister Oldroyd
The big eater but more importantly the bigger hearted person :)

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