Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gained Something More

Oi família! como vocês estão!? Estou bem, trabalhando bastante e aprendendo como confiar no senhor. Amo minha missão e como todos os dias é um privilegio servir O Senhor. (Hi family! how are you all doing?? I am well, working a lot and learning how to trust in the Lord. I love my mission and how every day is a privilege to serve the Lord). So this week was fabulous! A great start into the new transfer! We got a few referrals that we are hoping to be chosen people who are ready for us :) This week I got to do some contacts in front of the "chapel" not the temple. We have switched it up a bit where we now invite people to take a tour of the church. It was really cool actually, and one was a huge struggle because this guy didn’t speak much Portuguese or English but French and Creole. I hope he was able to feel the spirit :)

Paola is progressing so well! I love our lessons with her because she is so receptive to what we have to say and to what her father says as well. Marcilio has great insights as well even with only 2 years of membership. He gives great metaphors (which I am all for) and we always leave having gained something more. Something Marcilio said was that he knew our parents were so proud of us for our work and dedication. As he kept talking about this I was overcome with a sweet comfort that our work is being accepted by my Father in Heaven and my wonderful earth parents as well. I have been way too lucky to have grown up in the Oldroyd/Glazier home. Thank you so much for all you do :) Marcilio was able to remind me of this profound truth and reality.

I’m overjoyed to start another transfer! I so want to be in all the places the Lord has planned for me to be and do all that is on my to do list. I hope that by my actions and faith, the Lord is able to check off the things He has on Sister Sydney Oldroyd’s list :)

A fun experience was going to Outback for lunch! Something funny here is they drink lots of Chá Matte or tea or something. It’s ok to drink and we got ice cold peach tea! It was awesome! There was also that fried onion bush thing...and I ate a hamburger :) Let’s just say they were impressed when I ate everything and drank two huge mugs of tea haha. It also made me happy to see that I felt great and not even over full afterward. Yay! I still have a decent sized stomach haha.

This Sunday there was a tender mercy of two people showing up to church and it was because two members brought them! Look at how much of a help members are to us! One member brought their son who isn’t a member and another was a visiting member who brought his coworker. It was awesome and such a blessing cause our planned investigators cancelled on us at 8:59 Sunday morning....thank you Lord! It was also a tender mercy seeing a couple of less actives come to church :) They are such wonderful people and just need to come back! I had the great opportunity to bear my testimony. I was a bit nervous cause our ward was pretty full but knew I just had to bear testimony on Love. I can’t deny the Love I have felt and gained on this mission experience. I got up there and obviously just forgot all I had planned and forgot all Portuguese but managed to say a few things until I said "I’m so grateful for my mission and how I feel..... so much love" I teared up a bit and had to compose myself as I felt the love of the Lord wash over me one more time. 

I know I can better my Portuguese. I know others say more profound things but to me, it’s about sincerity, it’s about how the words feel like I said before. I can’t explain everything that goes on during the mission in just a weekly letter but I can repeat over and over that this is the Work of the Lord; That I have been filled with His Love because of this Labor of Love; That He isn’t expecting perfection but my Best. He's expecting my work as Sister Oldroyd in the Brasil São Paulo Oeste missão because He chose this place for me. This is my place. This is my time. This is my year and a half to dedicate everything to Him. Are my actions and decisions making God proud? How can I be filled with Charity? I still have so many questions but I know the act of asking questions shows a sincere desire to learn and I can testify that I want to learn. It’s a promise in D&C 131 (I think) that we take all our knowledge with us to heaven. So it’s my invitation for you all to get going! Don’t let time waste! How are you learning more and retaining that knowledge? Let’s all go to heaven a little wiser and a lot more spiritually strong. Let’s go back true children of God :)

Boa Semana! Te Amo! Beijos!

Sister Oldroyd, the lighter haired big eater sister missionary

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