Monday, April 25, 2016

Battery Charged!

I had such a great revelation last week on Sunday and totally forgot to tell you all. So last Sunday someone gave a metaphor about recharging our battery at seminary or institute etc. and my mind immediately thought of Sister Act, and Whoopie Goldberg stomping on the ground going, (forgot the nuns name) "Velma! Check you battery!" and having her need to look down and turn on her hearing aid battery haha.  This totally applies to us spiritually. The Lord is probably talking to us or sending us so many inspirations and our battery is either really low or turned off! How many times has that happened to you? Well I can recall a few times when I’ve gotten a wake-up call or when I’ve truly felt the sacrament helping me recharge. Don’t allow laziness or the adversary let you go on less and less power when there are so many resources to recharge that bad boy up! I love the invigorating feeling of the spirit in the simplest of moments. Seeing a baby smile, feeling the great cool breeze, hearing a child’s sincere prayer to Heavenly Father, or me personally bearing my testimony of the Savior’s existence and why He is ours. I’m so blessed to have been given these energizing moments to recharge my constantly in use battery.

I also just want to throw in one more thing, with Matthew 7:20 and just focus on how our fruit is tasting! I hope you guys are producing fruit that others will want to buy, invest in or be grateful for. It’s up to us on who we want to become and what types of fruits we are putting out. I want to be an amazing fresh Brazilian mango! Yum :)

This week was busy but great. We did another exchange with some sisters and I learned a lot! Patience with myself, and my area, relying on the Lord, and trying my best to work the entire day. It’s a bit tiring when not many people let you in so you need to constantly stay walking but we were able to basically walk from one end of my area to the other. My legs are getting so strong! I’m gonna go on so many hikes when I get home :) One member took us out to lunch! A Mexican food place and that was awesome! It’s funny how I haven’t even realized the lack of spicy food until I tried their rice and boy there was quite a kick, but I loved it! and the fresh onion rings they made :)

A tender mercy one day this week was going out of the we were walking around trying to be let in, I saw a very colorful beach scene flag that said "Life is Good" and I just wanted to stop at that house and thank the person for their bright happy we did :) This really old lady looked out her window a little grumpily but came to the gate. I was honest and just said thank you for your flag and how it brightened my day.....she softened up a little bit and just started talking about her life with us through the gate....eventually she offered to let us in stating " you will be the first people I am letting in who I don’t know personally, but I like your light you have within you" so that was amazing. Vilma let us in and we chatted more about her exotic life and museum like house with various art pieces or historic things...we were able to teach her a bit and then she offered us some homemade peach yogurt that she does herself....I was like, sure! It tasted great! She knows a lot about nature too. She has been growing a garden for a while and has an extinct tree
(well almost extinct). It was great to have rested a bit in someone’s house and see all the diversity. It really was a tender mercy of the Lord and now we can always rely on Vilma if we need a little peach yogurt refresher :)

we successfully made pancakes! yay!

I am pleased to announce that Paola was confirmed this last Sunday! She is still amazing and progressing so well. Unfortunately Satan tries our recent converts a lot and has been trying to destroy her marriage and life...She feels so alone right now but she knows this is the right thing to do! We have been helping her out a lot. We are telling her that’s what Satan wants but to keep the bigger picture in mind. God wants her here. He wants her to be a part of the true church because there she will never feel alone.

Transfer happened and we are staying together! The two crazy Americans from Utah are going strong for one more together. Just you wait :) It’s gonna be fabulous :) Thanks for all your emails and prayers. I’m so happy and feeling so much love every day. My life couldn’t be better than this. I even feel the spirit when sitting on the crazy bus and seeing all the Brasilian culture around me and I think, "Why am I so lucky to be here? Why me? Oh wait....its because He called me. He has work for me to do :) and I say bring it on!

we were worried about transfers and being split up! 

Love you guys, boa semana!
Love, Syd - the still awkward but faith-full sister!

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