Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I want you to know

Hey gang!
Happy New Year! Novo Osasco is awesome! A few less hills and a few more cars and busy streets than Cotia. There are also a few less patches of forest, and just patches of apartment buildings instead. The members are so great here as well. I am so blessed! We live in a small house that is located within a big house where 4 other families live separately as well. Almost all of these families are members so that’s been helpful. We live closest to the sweetest grandma member who has already made us Cuz Cuz and meat for breakfast.

 The work is progressing. My new comp Sis Valdera is from Argentina, has about 7 months on the mish, 9 siblings and is the 2nd to serve a mission. She likes to randomly sing in Spanish, Portuguese and English (like two words haha) and use a pretend microphone. I just smile and let her do her thing. The chapel here was being renovated until about two weeks ago, has three levels, an elevator and starts with RS, then gospel principles and ends with the Sacrament;  8:30-11:30 different hours but still great :) I’m starting to become a morning person...sorta.
 New Year’s here was awesome! Obviously the Elders delegated us four sisters to the food duty of the day. Their request: 2 lasagnas and lots of meat! Hmmmm. . . we are missionaries, not cooks haha but with a lot of help from our neighbor who drove us around to find the ingredients (one place was the local farmers market where we tried various fruits and bought pastel (a fried square meat filled scone thing))and donated her kitchen, we conquered our challenge!

The food didn’t taste too bad :) We chilled together as a zone from 7-9 doing a talent show, chatting, and eating.

After that we left the elders to clean up and went to a members house (with Presidents permission) to play charades and eat cake until 10. Got home and sat on the balcony of our neighbor until fireworks just went crazy! I tried my best to take pics but you should’ve been there. The fireworks left lots of smoke in the air making it look even cooler. At 12:15 we were in bed haha and thankfully got to sleep until 8 am! Woo hoo!

 Just want to say I love these people! Already best buds with the Bishop’s daughter who loves Lord of the Rings and Studio Ghibli. and played a member’s pink guitar.
 This week I got a package from the primary and one of the cards really hit me...they got to write whatever they wanted after the phrase "I want you to know . . ." and this one almost made me want to burst into tears. Actually it said "I want you to know I know the church is tru". This was from a sweet 8 year old! Out of all the things he could’ve told me he had the spiritual capacity to think about the gospel and his sweet testimony. This was certainly a highlight.
 Another highlight was thinking about Heavenly Father and his perfect body which made me realize, A Perfect Body means a Perfect Heart. He loves us so much! Do not Doubt this! He has given us everything through Jesus Christ. No matter our mission, He is listening and loving us every step of the way. Let’s start this New Year with love and a desire to help others to see their potential. Make Goals, and try to make this the year others will remember for the rest of their lives because the Savior and Heavenly Father was a part of it. "Don’t shine so that others can see you but Shine so that through you others can see Him" (Don’t remember who said this...someone wise!)
 I love you all and I am ready to grasp 2016 as best I can.

Sis O-Who's excited about everything involving Christ and this coming year!

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