Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dashing through the Rain

Dashing through the rain...Skyping all the way!!! ho ho ho
Alright, so much has happened this week and I have to cram it in an email! How???? First bit of metaphor was a scripture Mormon 1:15 (And I, being fifteen years of age and being somewhat of a sober mind, therefore I was visited of the Lord and tasted and knew of the goodness of Jesus).
Don’t be a food critic!

I’m gonna pass onto a great Christmas eve! They celebrate it more than the actual day of Christmas here.  They do a secret sibling family present swap and have churrasco.

We celebrated it with a great family who included us like family. Earlier this day we went caroling with the Bishop and his family. I got to play the guitar!

All were filled with the spirit and some eyes with tears. At this point it really felt like Christmas :) The family gave us a little something; Mine was soap and lipstick (for some reason a new stick of lipstick just makes me wanna color...smear it all over a nice white piece of paper like a great big crayon....sad right?) haha. We swapped gifts as sisters in our house as well and slept all together in the same room (sound familiar sisters??).  But this time I slept just fine on the floor. Haha. Christmas came and felt like a normal day until the Christmas music was playing in the Bishop’s house...Michael Buble!!! It was amazing to hear his voice and some of the great tunes I listened to with the fam at home.

We feasted and then my skype time came around...it worked out perfect! No glitches. Only a real quick 40 minutes of trying to explain everything! Yes I struggled to speak English but that’s a good sign! And gave my fam a good laugh. It was great talking with them and knowing that they do exist and that I’m not just pretending I have a family to make myself feel better on the mish. I love them so much! After the Bishops house, they dropped us off and obviously it had to start pouring down rain....we took cover for a few minutes but it just wasn’t stopping. I braved the little river in the street with Sis Bezerra to see if there was a bigger dry patch down the street and got soaked! Haha. Gotta love Brazilian snow :)

Transfers also happened this week......Novo Osasco and Sis Valdera (or close to that spelling not sure) but I’m very excited to try something new! I love Cotia but it’s my time to leave unfortunately.

I’m so grateful for my Savior, for all He's given me and continues to give. Don’t let the Christmas spirit die! It should be an all year-round thing!

Love you guys and Feliz Ano Novo!

Sis Oldroyd (A humble Christmas Caroler :) hehe)

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