Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Eating an Americano

Eating an Americano???

Well to explain the title, last P-day I ate an "Americano" for lunch. It was an awesome warm ham and lots of cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise with a nice fresh bun.  So apparently we aren’t hamburgers to these people but ham and cheese. That’s good to know right?

This week we had a great district meeting about trying to ask simpler questions that get the investigator to think and so we can find their necessity. It really is important for us to know what they really need and for them to answer questions that aren’t simply Yes or No but Who is Jesus Christ to you? How do you think we return to Heavenly Father? Why are we here?

Funny story this week; I’ve never been a huge fan of yelling the name of the person at the door (or broken gate) and prefer clapping really loud :) but this one person just wasn’t responding and the people sitting outside down the street just laughed cause it just wasn’t working. They counseled us that this one person lived way hunkered down in the back of this house so....I decided....to YELL.....RUTHY! (Huchie) through the mail hole.....still no luck...but i got a good response from the people sitting nearby :) we started to walk away when to hear them laughing even louder, turned around and there's a confused woman peeking outside her gate....we bolted back talked with her and found what we were looking for. blessings for my loud voice. This transfer our goal as a mission is to have 3 baptisms and do 1000 contacts, we have destroyed with contacts but we are working really hard to get those 3 baptisms. every Sunday we have had 3 people in the church but they've been different people every time! we need them to constantly come and progress! gah!

But the work is great. We've been teaching a lot and eating a lot of baked goods :) fresh donuts and bread at the local bakery anyone? They're only 50 cents! I cant resist haha We have also been able to find some less actives who have been receptive. another funny experience was when we went to find our investigator, instead we found his pastor mother (of a different church) who was a bit confused and rough at first but let us in surprisingly and ended up liking us haha making us dinner, telling us about her life (mostly about a dream she had from the holy ghost that she needed to travel to heal a woman) it was interesting but she wants me to stay in her house when I return to Brasil after the mission. I told her I'd think about it haha Anyway, know that I'm doing very well.

This summer rain isn't stopping me. The running around trying to find new investigators, finding rides to bring them to church, and trying to maintain a clean healthy appearance isn't slowing me down! This hard work only means a great nights sleep for me :) a hot nights sleep but a great one. I love you all. God exists, He's real. We were made in his image and are literally His which means we have the potential to become just like Him. Keep strengthening that spirit! its a new year! go to the gym! neh? kkk

love you!
Sis Oldroyd
the Donut Adorer :)

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