Tuesday, October 4, 2016

So then who is the living prophet?

Wow friends and family. I don’t think there are words that can describe this week and all that happened. But obviously I have to try :) This week was pretty normal, with lessons, walking a lot and then it all changed. One day we saw monkeys cross the street, don’t ask me why they did, but it was when we tried to explore a really long dirt road in our area. We were unsuccessful in finding some of the houses but got to teach two cute really old people. They invited us to teach them in the shade in front of their house, bless them. I’m not ready to be Rudolph just yet. Another day we got to teach a wonderful reference given to us by an Irmã. We found her cleaning her house cause it was her off day but she gave us all her attention (a good sign) and then her cute daughter wanted to show us all her toys. After going on her room toy tour, trying to drink down the coca cola she gave us and eating a wonderful piece of homemade bread, we got back to the living and invited her husband to participate with us. We then began asking questions, getting to know them, explaining a bit of what we do and gave one of the best restoration lessons we ever have. They asked the best questions and looked so involved. I truly could feel the spirit and already got my imagination flowing...A. (the husband is totally going be the best priesthood holder! and C. is going to be great in the Primary!) haha. The member Irmã already gave them the primary cds and they listen to them before bed. Go member missionaries. At the end of the lesson A. asked, ”So then who is the living prophet?” Ten points to A.! We then explained the blessing of conference and the modern day revelations we receive because of the restoration. We left them a Book of Mormon and are crossing our fingers that they were able to watch conference in their home.

Some other exciting things were multizona on Friday. Got up early, made our way there but not before we made a stop in the bakery :) Multizona was great! Filled with the spirit, revelation and reminders on what I can improve. All was going well until I went up to lead the supposedly 'easy' hymn, said assistant Elder Johnson, to open up the hymn book to see 6/8! Why???? haha I just love winging it and acting like I know how to swing my arm/hand six times every measure....I’ll be practicing. Then the closing mission hymn almost went smoothly but then the pianist played a longer intro than we are used to so I lead them all into it to find myself stopping and turning to the Elder...haha I just smiled and gave the crowd two thumbs up (as they all chuckled) until he finished his intro. I am just not cut out for leading music folks.....but besides that multizona was great! I wasn’t even planning on it but got letters, my birthday package and my birthday box of chocolates and a pic with Sister Thomas! We also ate at the restaurant next door and I ate a bunch of pasta, meat, and pastel...oh and fries :) Gotta love multizona.

Then the conference days came to me! I say three days non-stop because I was literally taking notes, being inspired, making up metaphors, and catching phrase for three days in a row...my brain is little weak with exhaustion. It’s weird to think that I get more tired after mentally exercising than physically. Lemme just say I adored conference. Words cannot describe the realization I had to think it was my last Brazilian one.....I took advantage of it all. I just loved trying to sing the congregational hymns in Portuguese when the beat was just not flowing the same in the English transmission haha. Let me try to leave some highlights or thoughts I had. Thought one:  watching conference helps me feel so connected to my family. As I watch, I know they are watching it at the same time and that we are all being uplifted by the spirit. I loved this question: “If we loved the Lord more, would we suffer less?” My question is, “Are others able to endure to the end better cause of me?” I loved the idea that I need to pay more attention to the Lord’s voice for he always listens to mine. Can anyone just guess how wide my smile went when Elder Andersen gave a puzzle theory talk! Yay! Let’s go gather Israel together! piece by piece ;) Nothing falls into falsity because of the Book of Mormon (don’t know if that is grammatically correct, sounds correct to me :) Don’t allow virtual screens take your focus away from the spiritually filled pages of the scriptures. Have His Heart. My little reminder moment: "This will be my last conference as a full time missionary and my last chance to be in this position. Every talk, every person, every time they mention missionaries I feel their word directed towards me. How privileged I am to be in this place, in this calling." I also just freaked out inside when the Brazilian taxi driver in Rio was mentioned :) I loved President Uchtdorf and his talk on faith and how 'with faith, all will make sense.’ I need that. Boy do I need some clarity in my life. Let’s go faith. Also, true worship turns us into true disciples. Missionaries are fishers of men. Don’t forget your inheritance. I thought, "Children feel and follow the spirit best because of their purity and trust. They don’t doubt or question what they feel but as adults we start doubting as our intelligence grows and complicates. The spirit isn’t complicated." Also minimizing our mistakes only makes change that much harder. Confront your wrongs and make it right.

My last bit of the email goes to my parents. That talk about the dedicated mother reading the scriptures daily to her children touched my heart. Mom, dad, you don’t need to worry about losing me. I know Christ lives. Be at peace and don’t worry about me :) He has reminded me time and time again, as have you both. Thank you for always teaching the truths of the gospel. I am indebted to your faithfulness and devotion to the Lord.

I hope you all learned as I did. Keep those revelations close. They should be precious, for they came from our Father in Heaven.

Love Sister Oldroyd, the mentally exhausted but spiritually strengthen sister

It was a pretty chilly day and ice cream was our dessert! Well that didn't stop us :) but Lourdes put this on my shoulders cause I apparently looked cold haha i then put it on my head.....good times

We started an English class every Wednesday....everyone there was a member...we are hoping with more time and invites that investigators will come :)

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