Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I'm On My Way :)

I can’t believe two transfers have flown by and I found myself saying goodbye to these amazing members of Caucaia do Alto yesterday! This last week was amazing and so many miracles happened :) This week we had so many great lessons with members and the Lord was truly showing us the fruits from our labors. Unfortunately I will be leaving just as we got the work flowing but I am excited for Sister Borges to stay and take advantage of these great people and members :) I will miss the amazing blue skies with bright white poofy clouds and the great heavenly sunsets. But I’m sure the sunsets are just as beautiful in Cerqueira César! which is where I’m headed to stay with Sister Alves de Souza, who got here the same time as Sister Borges, so she just ended her training and will get to show me a bit of the area. I can’t wait to work with her :) I’m going back to the city but I am so happy I got to work in Caucaia for two transfers. I am so grateful for the moments I forgot my fear and spoke with people I was sitting next to on the bus and how the Lord blessed me with the right words and a strong stomach (cause I still get car sick my friends...thankfully never to the point of throwing up but dizziness yup.) I am so grateful for the cute family nights we have had here, for the amazing families we have been given through references and having a couple wanting to get married and become a part of the church. Just when everything seems to be falling into place I am leaving but I know that must mean I did what the Lord asked of me and that I am needed elsewhere, or that I learned my lesson in Caucaia and need to learn another in Cerqueira César. We shall see :)

Bishop Poça D'água, so cool and his hands reminded me of dads. 
Don't know why haha
bye Caucaia!

A funny story that I think I haven’t told yet was about us taking copies of a few cool talks, and then afterwards realizing that he had done the math wrong. We had paid 8 when it really should have been 13.40. So we went back and told him and even showed him the mathematics of it and he said, "Wow, you’re right. You guys truly are of God for coming back" and I chuckled and said, 'We are.' What a privilege it is to be a person of God. We are His children and should act as such. As we live do others know who your Father is? Are we acting accordingly to where we came from? My hope is that we can act in accordance to God’s heavenly vision every day, and every moment we get up in the morning. Ask yourself if your day will be for you or for God? Are you living in hopes of making God proud? Another little side note I had during a long bus ride was how easy it was for me to hear someone’s cellphone go off. And the question came to my mind, why don’t we hear the spirit as well as we hear our cellphones ringtone? Would I be able to hear my cellphone if it were programmed to the 'still small voice' ringtone? Many times we hear our phone better than the sweet whispers of the spirit. It then made me think of how we carefully treat our cellphones. We keep them close, we constantly keep them charged, they are protected with cases and they are constantly updated with the latest and fastest hardware. Afterwards I put these components into the spirit. Do we carefully protect Him with our clean thoughts and a prayer in our heart? Do we keep Him charged by our consistent scripture study, daily prayers and service? Do we keep Him protected by going to church once a week to remind us He is there? And do we update our testimonies so He can continue to remove the veil of forgetfulness? All in all, what do we do with our phone that should be done to the spirit? Give him your attention and love! The spiritual messages we receive through him are so much more vital than knowing what your friend ate for lunch on insta. Now forgive me for my out datedness if there’s a new app or something or if I stated some techno term incorrectly but please don’t allow a manly made object replace a heavenly created communication that has existed for thousands of years!

My birthday package!

I love you all and I’m having a great time here in Brazil! Know that my mind is being illuminated every day, little by little, from my successes and normally from my errors. But whether it’s from an error or a success, I ended up learning something :) that’s what matters. Have a great week :)

Sister Oldroyd- who’s so grateful the only special feature on her phone is a flashlight kkk

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