Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Family Night by Candlelight

These weeks fly....hmmm maybe it’s because I am in Caucaia do Alto, Brasil where the power goes out in a whole neighborhood cause a neighboring monkey got hungry and chewed the power line for breakfast....the poor thing died from electrocution and the guys didn’t get the power back on until late that night but it didn’t stop us from having a great family night. We had planned to getting a lesser active family involved with a more active family but one of them called me telling me about the energy accident....she said their little dirt street was blocked by 3 huge power trucks and not any cars could get through...I was stumped for a second but felt that everything would work out. We got to the other family’s house and drove until the opening of their road, got out and walked. We made our way to yes, three big trucks cutting down branches, and trying to solve the problem. One of the workers joked with us about not stepping on the dead monkey. hahaha very funny...not! How sad...we finally got to their house to find two candles lit and set in the middle of the table. Boy did this make me feel like a pioneer (not that candles are only a pioneer thing but...

I’ve recently been studying Our Heritage and I was in the mood) so I felt impressed to recount Joseph’s first vision. We sat in a huge circle and chatted a sec, sang an opening hymn and had a prayer, then I read a little from Joseph Smith History about his confusion but that he decided to follow God’s counsel in the scriptures. I asked them if they had any experiences where they followed the Lord’s counsel. Then we had a few of the members share their conversion stories which was wonderful. We finished it off by reading the first vision where the spirit overcame me as the room silenced and the repeatedly read words came from my mouth. I am so grateful for Joseph and how he was capable of helping Jesus Christ restore this truth. It was not easy and Joseph knew the price he needed to pay, but the strength he received from the Lord kept him going. His faith and hope lead him on....a quote that I read in Our Heritage from President Kimball is "we must lengthen our stride" and Joseph, along with many saints did just that. My hope is that I can do this with my life. That I can lengthen my stride and walk as Christ walked. Become who He is. After the great message we played murder in the dark where you blink and kill people. It was hilarious cause the Irmã thought my normal blink was the killer one...so she kept dying when I wasn’t even the killer.

Also this week we had another division. It was so fun to be with Sister Cellurale again. We are buddies from the beginning moments of our missions. We learned a lot together and found some new investigators. We chatted about how we were feeling and how it’ll be when only us two will be going home on January 3rd. Yup, only us two...no one else. We will see how that goes. Talent show at the FHE with President? yup, done in three minutes haha. I’m thinking of maybe suggesting an aquarium trip to switch things up :) haha just kidding, but it was fun to stay with her for a couple of days.

We also had the privilege to meet a woman with cancer who is still the happiest lady ever. We finished teaching a girl and her boyfriend when she said, do you think you guys could talk with my aunt who’s sick? We were like....of course! There we were able to chat with her and see how even in this difficult time of cancer treatment, she had a smile on her face and not one complaint left her mouth. Also, the other really religious aunt said that she at first thought we were Jehovah’s Witness and almost left without saying anything but saw a light in our faces and wanted to stay and talk to us. She congratulated us for the path we were on and that we are doing what the Lord wants. I love those moments when people stop and say, "You’re Mormons aren’t you? I can tell by the happiness and light in your face." This moment happened again with this lady.

The Lord is so merciful. We have diligently been working and he gave us a miracle. A less active brother wants to bring his girlfriend to church and get married to her. We have made goals with them and they are going to work on being active and happy in the church.

Know that I am doing well because I am in the service of my God. Another quote I loved from the end of Our Heritage was from President Hunter, "We will not be tempted beyond our ability to withstand. Our detours and disappointments are the straight and narrow path to Him." How true this is. It is straight and narrow to see who is willing to tip toe, scoot and crawl at times to continue on the path. It can’t be wide and spacious or every type of person would make it back. Many are called but few are chosen, and guess who chooses? We do, God has given us everything. He is just patiently waiting for us to choose Him. He has always chosen us and has Faith. I am great! Have a wonderful week, and choose to see your difficulties as a sign that you are on the straight and narrow path. Will you continue? It’s your choice :)

Love Sister Oldroyd- who’s lovin life, even with allergies haha

While we were waiting for the bus to come get us after lunch, this little guy was whining his little head off. I couldn't just stay there at the bus stop...I went to his rescue and tried to keep him company through the gate, but he was just a little lonely puppy with no one there to love him....
it was so sad..... 

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