Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Syd Amongst Skyscrapers

Now we are talkin!  Well I am definitely not in Caucaia anymore....I am surrounded by buses, cars crusin’ around, crosswalks, tall, tall buildings, homeless people, fancy rich people and hippies. There are many huge shopping malls hidden among the apartment buildings and little bars here and there. I just suggest for you all to google Avenida Paulista and Avenida Faria Lima. Av. Paulista is a part of the Elders’ area but we live in the Elders’ area and have to ride a bus every day to our area. But Avenida Faria Lima is where we go to every day. Oh and I forgot to say that we use the metro as well. The only bummer is the constant wind...and you know what happens when you put wind and skirts....I had the blessed experience of walking over one of the vent things in the side walk. Whoosh!!!! We work more in the neighborhood, Pinheiros.

this is what i see when we leave our door from our apartment... 
It's dirty looking but its the beautiful brasil twist that i like :) 

I absolutely adore my new companion Sister Alves de Souza! This will be her third transfer in Cerqueira; her first transfer after the 12 week training :) She is so great and knows the area so well and is just so spiritual. She is 21, is the only member in her family and mostly grew up with her aunt and uncle because she doesn’t know her biological mother and her father drank a lot. She is such an example to me and is so dedicated. I couldn’t be more blessed at this point of my mission to be in this maybe 'difficult' area to come but am seeing with her eyes and am seeing this area as a gold mine :) I am so excited to work with her!

The members also are great :) they accepted me so well this week and complimented me so warmly. I got to bear my testimony Sunday but had no idea until the Counselor announced it. 'Yes, we would like to invite Sister......Oldroff to bear her testimony.' I just smiled and went up. He tried and I have learned it’s quite a tough name, even for Americans haha. I am going to love it here :)

There are quite a few recent converts that we are teaching and helping out. Oh and you guys should look up MASP. It’s a really cool museum that is on the Avenida Paulista. I walked right by it...when we were going to lunch. We don’t walk with our cameras during the week to be safe so I don’t have many pictures but Google can sure help you guys see where I’m walking here in the center of São Paulo :)

We had the coolest experience this week. We were planning on doing a few more contacts before getting on the bus or metro when we stopped to talk with Vinicious, a young man seated on a bench in the center park area. We invited him to church, and said “We will make this quick cause we know you are in a hurry” and he goes “I’m not actually.” I was thinking, great! let’s leave a message with him real quick! So I ask if we could sit with him and teach him something real fast. Something I’m so happy the mission has taught me is to look past the outside of the person. Vinicious had some piercings and a bling nose ring but he is such a sweet guy. He was waiting for his friends to pick him up, and had been waiting for 2 hours since he didn’t have any communication with them. We were able to teach him the restoration, and it went so smoothly. I asked him if he had any questions or what he thought to know we have a living prophet today and he goes “Well I just wanted to ask why he isn’t more well known,” and that stopped me right there....hm....good question. At that moment I realized that’s exactly why the Lord calls missionaries. I explained that’s exactly what our purpose is; allow and help others know the truth. There are so many people on the earth but few pay careful attention. I was so grateful to have had this special lesson with Vinicious. He doesn’t live in our area but my hope is that he really does pray and look for the missionaries closer to where he lives. These small moments mean the world to me; Little lessons or small contacts that just feel sincere and accepted and spiritually keep me going when the other silent or cold rejections hit me down. They keep my testimony lit and strong when the enemy tries to weaken me. I just feel so helpful when it seems like they actually accepted our invite to church or listened to our lesson. I also jump for joy when someone asks us where the metro is, "It’s right there! Oh and if you would like to learn more about the church...." man, I am so happy :) I just feel so uplifted by the spirit and so strengthened by it. My testimony has grown so much. My trial resistance is slowly growing but I’ve realized that’s why we have a companion, to help us relax, be happy, talk to, have as our back up, especially when they are Brasilian and can explain to me things before I embarrass myself....haha. Oh so many times I have thanked the Lord for giving me these companions; These blessed daughters of God who have touched my life in so many ways.

Stay strong folks! Our life is just beginning...Eternity awaits us :) haha so cheesy...but so true. Are you living a life that’s worth living for an eternity? If not, what needs to be changed? And what are you guys doing with the special knowledge of having a living prophet? Taking advantage? I hope so, cause it truly is amazing!


Sister Oldroyd- who ate a wrap like Costa Vida for lunch in the mall one day! I was happy :) but kinda ran into a panic when I saw how many people were there in the food court. It was so loud...we barely found a spot to sit and I was reminded that not everyone lives the tranquil, peaceful life of a missionary....pray for me haha

I love living in apartments where before it had elders...
Actually I have never liked it until now....a left-over soccer ball! yesssss

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