Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chicken Foot/Toes and Sugary Avocado...

This week went by so quick! Two days we made our way to São Paulo from our little Caucaia town. Tuesday was temple Pday so we got to leave way early and enjoy the temple. We also got to teach some great people. We have A. and J. marked for baptism and A. is really showing interest. We taught the 10 commandments and left some readings in the Book of Mormon. They are great and J. is 17 and has a little girl Y. who is 1 and A. is her brother. They are great! We have also been able to help out a less active sister, L. feel a bit better. She fell away because of the tithing situation and her husband passing away. We are trying to help her understand the blessings that tithing brings and that her husband would want her to return to church.

Also this week we made our way back to São Paulo to participate  in a great sister’s training that happened in President’s apartment! I got to go back to Ferreira! Only for a few hours...but still. We learned so much in that training and it was so wonderful to see the sisters again. In Caucaia you don’t leave or get around much in other parts of the mission so it was wonderful to see all the sisters and see who is training and get to know the new sisters. All of them are so sweet and in the right place if I do say so myself.  Serving a mission blesses everyone. There we were taught by many of the couple missionary ladies....Sister Cox, Sister Hart, Sister Burke, and Sister Sonderreger. They each taught something and were all very inspired. I got a kick out of Sister Hart’s humor and devotion in speaking in Portuguese. (the poor thing served in Venezuela 41 years ago and was mixing so many things up but we were so happy because of her contagious smile and laughter and dedication...she also was talking to me after and said something about My Big Fat Greek Wedding...and I just had to say "yes...it was my twin.." and we died laughing together haha. She told me there is a second film! Is that true?) Sister Cox shared a cool insight, and showed me how important it is for us as woman to be intelligent and study. She was a BYU professor and shared how she always thought that she worked 'for' the lord until she read a scripture in Jacob 5: 70 where it talks about us working 'with' the Lord. Sister Sonderreger talked about what is a woman of God. She shared a few examples, Sister Thomas, Her mother, Esther, and Sister Cox. We all can be woman of God. Some things I learned were, ' it isn’t the easy experience that makes us grow, but the difficult one" 'my mission is helping me know how to properly treat people' 'be the first one to get your hands dirty' 'be a hidden miracle'.

Anyway, this week was crazy with food too! I got to try chicken foot and an investigator gave me a plate with avocado and sugar...it was great :) but they all freaked out when I said I was used to eating it with salt haha gotta love missions. I am doing well! Have a great week!

Sister Oldroyd- who always has a couple tissues in her bag just in case a bathroom doesn’t have toilet paper...

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