Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wow I Am Great

This week went by greatly!! Some quick happenings cause I only have a few minutes left.

This week we had another division, so I got to stay in my area with another sister. Then we had a zone service activity on September 7th (Brasil’s Independence Day!) where we chatted and gave an old folks home some company. I loved every minute of it. We had a great FHE with some recent converts about our decisions and how important they are. A funny thing this week during all the politics going on, was we were teaching someone on their porch and this political man comes and interrupts our lesson and starts flaunting about himself and how no one else goes door to door and he looked at us for approval and I ignored him because of laziness....and he just goes...uh huh. ..then kept on talking. I was bummed and a bit annoyed so we excused ourselves rather than wasting a good 40 more minutes. We had a great ward FHE where I participated in finding the 7 hidden mistakes in the pictures. It was so fun!

We have some great investigators and are seeing lots of progress in the recent converts in our area. We were able to do a personal fast this week to see what we need to focus on and so I was able to do that. Heavenly Father is the best. I am so grateful that he is allowing me to serve here. Yesterday I was teaching about faith and thought that He must have the biggest faith of us all because he believes in us every day that we will make it back to him, that we will trust in him. He is the best example for everything. I’m so lucky and so blessed. Never forget your blessings. They are there :) This is a short one but shortness doesn’t mean it’s worthless! Words cannot describe these everyday activities and the spirit we feel. Sorry for the rush but I wanted to get something out!

Love you all! Yes, I’m alive!
Sister Oldroyd who now has to start putting sunscreen on again...woe is me

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