Tuesday, April 12, 2016

So Much Love

When you’re working you’re happy and we sing as we go, for we like to help Sister Oldroyd cause the Lord loves her so.....anyway. My week was crazy! It started off with the Elders scheduling my visa renewal the next day and calling me to tell me they needed a new picture of me....so Tuesday I took one and then slept over in Vila Sonia after our English class so I could just leave straight from their area to meet up with the Elders in the mission home to go to the federal polica place. Then of course, we get there early at 8 ish and find out that I can’t renew it until it actually expires on the 29th of April....great stuff. We just gotta wait there for two other Elders to actually create new ones for the next half of their missions.(it took about 2 and a half hours)

Then we went on splits after getting back from that and I gotta do it with Sister Rodrigues, that’s right! I went on splits as the STL with my beloved mother. It felt so great to work with her a little again and hear all the new stuff going on in her life and helping her out with the mission. We have been teaching Paola, who is seriously ready to be baptized. She is amazing and so spiritual and is going to be baptized this Saturday! She knows so strongly in her heart that this is the right path; that this really is the Church of Jesus Christ and she wants to bring her husband to it as well :) We have also been helping Aparecido and Gabriel progress as recent converts. Aparecido is like our grandpa, he’s hilarious and loves it when we sing for him and just smile. He calls us his little angels. Gabriel has been busy with lots of tests but was confirmed this last Sunday and is really excited to progress and eventually serve a mission! Also, it’s just such a tender mercy when a random contact in the street we do, lets us mark a day in the week to actually stop by and is home and remembered and lets us in!!! We usually mark it, (they forget) we show up and the door man tells us no one is home or they are busy....but the other day the gate clicked open and there we were teaching Luciana about the restoration! She even understood the Apostasy part which not many understand ;)

I couldn't help thinking of grandpa Glazier. It's in my blood!
I was able to play silent night pretty well! Aparecido is really impressed

It was such a tender mercy from the Lord, you don’t know how wonderful the sound of those apartment gate doors clicking open means to me. We were also blessed with a whole family! a member was blessing their baby and their friends came, we hadn’t anyone marked to come to church with us and woah! the Lord blessed us with four people :) we have marked to visit them this week!

After that splits we went on another one....but not until after our interviews with President Del Guerso! It was so hard to know it was our last one together but I got the privilege of being the last person out of the group to talk with him. He gave me so much counsel and help with my new calling and what he is hoping for me in the future. A lot of the STLs are going to be released cause they’ve been in for so long sooooooo I’m gonna need to be prepared to help the new ones that’ll come in. After the interviews we started out other split with another two sisters, and as we were leaving the interviews president invited to eat with him! it was another blessing from the lord because we were just going to go buy something cause it was money that day. I had a great time with Sis Lockhart and working with her and seeing her light and testimony.

Something this calling has brought me is so much love. I am feeling soooo much love for these sisters and I just want the best for them. My little slip up for the week was after all that.....I dozed off a bit in Sunday school haha my comp told me that in Gospel Principles, the teacher said "sister, what’s one of the best things Christ did for you..." and then he turned to me to answer but.....my heavy eyes were closed and I was apparently out...so he did a quick turn to my companion and she answered for me...what a great companion right? She said a few people chuckled and smiled and our teacher whispered to her "poor thing" I swear I was doing a really good job raising my eyelids every time they dozed down but unfortunately I didn’t prevail.....I’m so grateful for these experiences. I know that a busy week means lots got done and I can only do my best. And being tired just means I’m working! which is exactly what I want to be doing. I’m so blessed to be a part of this work and that we are finding new people and teaching of this truth. I suggest you all start reading D&C because there are some really great insights on things! as a mission we are reading it and trying to finish by the end of our transfer on the 26th of April. Well love you all. Some insights "Never defile the Lords temples: including yourself" "Be a lively member!"" Don’t allow fear to cause heart failure" That’s all folks, until next week! loves sister Oldroyd tired but tranquilo :)

on our way home from the temple, I got us on the wrong bus to lan house (computer place) so we had a little detour...all the way to that bridge I've always wanted to see! maybe it was a good thing we got on the wrong one

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