Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A soul is a soul

9 months!!! And I’m now Brasilian!

Well the week started off great with another English class, taught by yours truly and her companion about how to order food :) Then we had another exchange on Wednesday! I got to go and stay with Sister Macedo in Macedonia and we had a great time! I think I drank more water and juice in one day than I ever have before. Also a really cute little puppy kept biting my foot. It was adorable :) Sister Macedo is ending her mission in a week so it was a really chill exchange. She isn’t that home sick. Then my comp and I had a great bumpy bus ride karaoke time as we were making our way back home. We were singing and the bus was making our voices shake and we thought it was the funniest thing but the lady by us was just smiling and laughing at our happiness in the dumbest things.

So to explain the Brasilian thing, anyone not from Brasil had to create a CPF or social security number in a sense I think. So we gathered together all the "estrangeiros" and went to make one :)  I can officially use my CPF at the grocery store if I want bonus points or something. Haha just kidding but now the mission’s health plan can work better or something. I’m not sure. I just know I need to make a lot of copies of the paper they gave me.

We taught a man P--- who is this head honcho of a company and has so many questions and a bit tough on the outside but is such a sweet man on the inside. He really wants to turn his life around and we are trying to help him see the gospel as his new path to that! Our goals are God’s if we invite him to help us and if they are sincere.

Friday was another exchange and this time I went to Intercape to be with Sister C. Silva. Her companion Sister T. Silva came to stay with my comp. Haha yes, it’s a joke about why President put them together but they are doing great. Sister C. Silva has 5 months on the mission and has so much faith and love. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her teach and seeing her area and where they work. She is so wanting to do her best and is a great missionary.

That Friday with her I actually had my 9 month mark! and it was just my luck that my mommy Sis Rodrigues is one of the other missionaries who is serving in Intercape so I passed my 9 month mark with her! She made pastel  (cake) and juice :) and gave me a stack of different exercise cards as a present so I can "survive the remaining 9 months" haha.

So real good news too was that Paola got baptized!! She was so ready and is going to help her dad become more active now. We even had a tender mercy from the Lord as we were running to fill up the font to find two delicious cakes for only 30 reais. Yup, that was a blessing :) It was an awesome baptism with cake!!

Thanks for all the love and support! Know that my appreciation for Family History has grown as I’ve helped a recent convert do some of his, and that I am so grateful for the sacrament. It is so important that we help others be a part of this gospel whether they are living or have passed on. A soul is a soul :) and to God that’s all that matters! We are His children! Never forget your worth, the worth of "souls" is great in the sight of God; Not if you have money, a pretty face, or great clothes...it’s all in the soul :) Have a great week!

Love Sister Oldroyd, A soul seeking other souls :)

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