Friday, February 12, 2016


Well this is gonna be a quick one (as I always say).  The power went out and our time has been cut quite a bit. This week was great! I think the best part was having 5 people come to church! Maria and her father Manuel, Renato who has a tattooed head and usually wears a hat but came and I’m so happy for the help we received from a member who stayed with him and walked with him to church. Another Manuel who came right as soon as we called to remind him cause he slept in! And finally Richard, who is very versed in all religions but finally made a visit.

It didn’t feel very different with Carnaval going on here in Brasil. Novo Osasco is very chill and the only difference was having to go home at 7 o’clock. 

I’m trying to focus on what are my desires? As it says in D&C 11:17, are they sincere? Of God? When we are desiring as God does, it is more likely to happen and be a part of His will. Our life will feel so much better if our desires are in the right place. 

This week was transfers! I'm proud to announce that I will be a mother of one Sister M. Soares who is from Teresina and is 21. She likes a lot of the same things and likes to play around so that’s gonna be good! I’ve got a lot to do to make sure she enjoys the mission as I did with my trainer. 

Nothing else crazy really happened to be honest...just got sunburned, ate beans and rice and fresh pineapple juice, and felt the spirit very STRONG as I told my "conversion" story to a member who asked how it was growing up in the church. I recounted my story when I went to the women’s conference as a 12 year old in the conference center and didn’t know why everyone was quieting down and standing up until I saw the prophet entering the room. That moment changed everything. I felt in my little body the warmest feeling and knew he was a prophet of God. It was so great to remember how I started learning for myself the truths of this wonderful gospel. 

Know I am still gaining a testimony daily and that my conversion is stronger than ever. When you dedicate your life 24/7, things happen, the spirit speaks and you are never at a loss because He is there. He Always has been and Always will be. Have a great week! Until Monday :)

Sis O    A Proud new mommy :)

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