Tuesday, December 15, 2015

When He Returns

We had a different district meeting this week cause each zone is preparing a little something for our Natal party! I’m going to be a spy person of some sort switching up the Book of Mormon stories/bible ones too (for example, Jonah didn’t really get swallowed by a whale but bitten by a little fish but for my college paper I beefed it up) make sense?

Anyway,  I had an exchange (I think that’s what it is in English speaking missions) with Sis L and I stayed in our area which meant I showed her where our next lesson would be or what to do...I thought it went well. We sang a hymn for a lady who pretended not to be outside on her porch cause we couldn’t see her but sang it for her anyway and after, Pedro says, "that hymn was for you Dora" and she responds "thank you" in the most sarcastic grumpy voice. It was hilarious cause she didn’t respond to us at first but we sang anyway. It’s Christmas! Gotta sing those 7 hymns as much as possible!

Maria is preparing for her baptism this Saturday! I’m so excited for her, she is so sweet and always dresses up so fancy for church and every activity. She is making such a great decision!!! Love her.

The ward had their Christmas party. We got there a bit early (but really at 6:30 when it was supposed to start but obviously it started at 8, haha) so I played prelude Christmas hymns. Basically the whole ward showed up and more which was awesome! Lots of food, the ward choir sang "White Christmas" partly in English which made me think about my good times watching that movie...it was a wonderful party :)

This week some study topics were in 3 Ne 20 (mais ou menos) about Christ’s teachings and some moments really have helped me think about my preparation for when He returns. Will my decisions, appearance, faith, and service put a smile on His face? Will I be worthy for Him to select me as a disciple and help Him continue His work? I’m so grateful thus far, for the choices I have made, for the sacred covenants I have taken upon myself. There's no going back, only forward. And with these promises and choices, I will see miracles; I will receive blessings because that’s how merciful and just God is. When we keep our end, He keeps his, and even gives more at times.

The churros here are amazing!

Have a wonderful Christmas. Love you all very much!!! Until next semana.

Love Sis Oldroyd who is smiling and very satisfied :)

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