Monday, December 7, 2015

Know Your Purpose

Multizona happened again! This time I won my bday box of chocolates and was almost first in line for cake:) I learned a lot about how to apply repentance in my life and to be a walking letter of the Lord. We need to write and even chisel the promises and conversions on our hearts for others to read. "Engrave this truth on the pages of the heart, for all to read and never erase" - just a tidbit from my notes :) Also, we aren’t salesmen! Just another thought.

Embarrassing moment; President Del Guerso was complimenting me for my little braid thing I do sometimes but I thought he said something about how I always had a braid which made me say "look, I do braids all the time because my hair is poofy...." but then I realized I didn’t understand him completely and asked him to repeat what he said. "I said I like your braid". My reaction, "oO, thank you".  Whoops, haha.

My new soccer jersey of the week

A question for you all this season, "What can I give Jesus this Christmas?" Service? Love? More of my time? More attention during the sacrament? The list is endless :) Not that he is asking for many birthday presents but that whatever comes from the heart of sincerity he accepts graciously.

This week we also had a crazy journey to another area because Sis L has a recent convert getting married in Campo Limpo and we got to go! It was rainy and we traveled by Onibus for an 1 and a half or so but found it! They were so happy and on the bus I got to talk with a biology professor who was practicing English and very nice:)

Another day, I was just feeling happy. Another American and I were together for the day while our comps prepared a training for the multi-zone and we just so happened to run into one of their investigators. Because I was in such a good mood I started being very flamboyant about the gospel and how he should make a visit to the church etc...later he said in broken English (he’s taking English classes) "I like you" but later explained in Portuguese that he liked my happiness and said that it was like I knew my purpose and said it would take him 7 days to create/feel the happiness I could have in just one day. That was very sweet of him to say and helped me feel good about my mission and that I really do know my purpose.

"Things improve when they’re used"- just another food for thought. Something different this week as we were walking to lunch after church was a huge spider and dead snake! It felt a little more like Brazil this week.

Love every moment of this month as we remember Christ. He truly is the greatest gift. What more could I want this Christmas? I have Him. I have my Family. Friends. Faith. (food) and so many other things. To be honest, I don’t need much more than this.

Loves and happy happenings

From Sis Oldroyd    

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  1. Alec says that Jesus wants a puppy... Hmmmmm. I love your posts, especially your testimony. Could have done without the spider, though. Cade coisa, Melina! Fica firme!