Monday, November 16, 2015

Ultimas Dias

Just had transfers and I’m going to stay here in Cotia with Sis Limiro until December 28th and we'll see what happens after that!

I’m finally a little more Brazilian cause I bought a kinda cheap but awesome jersey of the SPFC team! I also am not a "new" missionary anymore, done with Doze Semanas! I had my last training near the temple and had a great time with some of the new sisters and buddies in my group. We played jeopardy and tested our skills with PME and the scriptures etc.

I had my first dream in Portuguese!! It was awesome, me talking (mostly trying) to speak in Portuguese but there was Portuguese in the dream, I’m counting it. haha

I have so much more respect for the prophets and people who kept the records for the BoM because I can barely sum up one week on the mission and I know the Nephites and Lamanites had way more going on than an American Sister living in Brazil preaching the gospel who is eating a lot. Props to them, I love the BoM even more.

My friend Maria

Because sis Limiro likes fast food, we've visited Burger King about 4 times this week so she could use her coupons. The ward had a great talent show! I was so surprised with how many people participated, especially the youth. They had acts, songs, dances (which made me want to dance so bad, especially when a member busted out Thriller!!)

Right now we are teaching J (who has serious spine problems and is a bit slow mentally as well) & J they are married (miracle) and are very sweet,. They always offer water and we are trying to help them make a visit to the church but it’s hard with J and his health. A & J & M (who has Alzheimer’s) they are so sweet as well. They came to church! We found them a ride and they came to the sacrament portion. After we had a priesthood holder give M a blessing. I’m so  grateful for the Priesthood.

Funny/interesting story: we were walking back from the bus point and I passed one of the many movie, video game vender carts and the first DVD in the pile said "Porno" messily written...I let out a surprised chuckle gasp thinking, "Really!?" We are truly in the "Ultimas Dias"(Last days) everyone take cover and get ready because this world is only going downhill unfortunately but guess what other metaphor I thought of this week that goes along with this sad DVD example? Good old Forrest Gump came to mind during church where he says,"Life is like a box of Chocolates" and it’s so true we are all "IN" the Box of chocolates (or the world) but we are not "OF" the same flavor (or physical and spiritual stature). 

We are living in a very dark world but somehow are surviving, we are staying strong when everywhere else is crumbling. I love how firm and bright this gospel is because of Christ. Don’t lose sight of what is really important and strong. Thanks for the love and support! Until next time!

Sis Oldroyd  

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  1. Syd,

    I think your "friend Maria" looks like baby Erica!! Do you see it in that pic? I actually thought it was some sort of TBT! :) Love you. Eat that burger king!!