Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thrust in your Trust with might

I'M 20!!!!! I’ve been practicing on how I should respond to the how-many-years-do-you-have question, 20. yup. Real quick my week was this: had a great district meeting and small bday party with the group. The elders had a member make a big cake. Oh elders. 

I had a divisão with sis B and had a great time with her in lessons. Once of which I felt the spirit real strong and was able to teach with him. Luckily the investigator felt it as well and teared up a bit. What a miracle that was. We then returned to her apartment to find a cat. which after taking pictures with it sent it on its way only to find out later that it had taken a little dump in the bathroom (another miracle to have it near the toilet I had the great job of cleaning it up :) 

lots of lessons on the plan of salvation, and word of wisdom. which help me appreciate these simple truths more and more. Being in a trio again is pretty awesome. More chatting, every night feels like a mini sleepover its fabulous, and a few times we were able to have a member join one of us to go in two different directions and cover more ground! my birthday was...fabulous! Friday the sisters and members threw me a surprise party which I had no idea about, especially cause I was a little antsy Friday when we were randomly waiting on the side of the street for 30 minutes for the other sisters to join us before going to our family home evening. I kept asking why we couldn’t just meet them at their house....poor sis R and Sis L. I had no idea! They were too kind. So many decorations and salgados, and cake! They are the best! 

So glad I could have my bday here in Cotia. My actual bday was great too, bought a mini pumkin for 5 Reais! and kept the carving tradition going by trying to carve the brazil flag...

it’s difficult without the proper tools but the knife I had was all I could find. a pizza replaced a cake and I was Elder Bieber! who could’ve guessed? 

The sisters didn’t believe my secret talent and I just had to prove them wrong.  I made a tie, put up my hair and drew on the eyebrows they were pretty much astounded. We had the great opportunity (because it was Dia das mortes) to do contacts in front of the cemetery...let’s just say it was rainy..lots of sad people...and us trying to stop people to talk about the plan of salvation. Our pday was a bit different this time cause we got to go to the temple! I had no idea how much I missed it! My spirit felt such relief and rest in the house of the Lord. Thank goodness the temple is so close. Please go as often as you all can! Its such a wonderful opportunity to do service and receive blessings at the same time! the session was in Portuguese but I almost understood everything (thanks to the many times I went with the fam before the mission but obviously because of my Portuguese skills as well :) Anyway, I’ve really tried to be a diligent missionary. One who loves every minute, no matter the outcome.  A few phrases I thought of this week. Thrust in your Trust with might. Others are trying too, don’t think it’s only you. Stay steady until the end. Pray to Him, Know Him, and return feeling like you never left. All these have something to do with what I studied this week. I love prayer so much and that it’s up to me with how I want to end this earthly experience. Don’t abuse this privilege we have to talk with our Father in Heaven and blessed gift called the Atonement from our Savior who knows us and loves us. Trust them, they know what they’re doing. Know that I am enjoying everything. the food, crazy bus rides, sore feet, sudden rain showers, slow/fast progressing investigators, waking up at 6:30 am, and feeling the spirit and love of God every day. I pray for you all every morning and night and I know He is doing the same as well. 

Tchau from Sis Oldroyd 
who has one more year but many more to come, which I am so grateful for.

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