Monday, November 9, 2015


Every week seems the same but it’s not when I look back! This week I want to break the email into sections again.

1. What did I teach or types of lessons? We teach a lot of lessons about the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, gospel of Jesus Christ, and Word of Wisdom. In a trio we have the opportunity to try and teach smoothly and equally in three parts and in three different perspectives. It really means a difference when the investigator asks questions,  looks interested in the lesson and keeps their promises (read a scripture or prays). I get to also help them pray sometimes by having them repeat phrases and then say what they would like in between. Sometimes lessons are on the side of the road and noisy distracting cars or motorcycles drive by but that’s missionary work. Other environments are quiet; sometimes they have a sweet little child who decides to be quiet the whole lesson until the last prayer. But lessons are still great.

2. When did I laugh? I laughed a lot as Sister L and I "talked" English. Sis L randomly would say, "Let’s talk Sis Oldroyd" and she'd go off in her broken English about her tired body or boyfriend or whatever word she knows in English. Another moment when she tried to outrun me up a hill....we had to take a break after that little jaunt and catch our breath and during this Sis R would chime in or laugh along with us. We have some good laughs :)

3. What do I love? I love the smell of the fresh flowers, churrasco, almoço (lunch). I love the member’s support and love. I love the random reminders that pop into my head saying, "You're in Brazil!!" and other memories or movie quotes or things that resurface as well which put a smile on my face. I love my companions, and the investigators we are trying really hard to work with. I love how after a couple of weeks my legs and body are accustomed to the hills of Cotia and I can "climb every mountain..." (Sound of Music anyone?) I love bearing testimony about whatever topic we teach, and feeling the spirit.

4. What did I learn? Well since we study every morning and teach every day, I am so blessed to learn a lot. But I'll save you the time and sum it up. My title this week is another metaphor I thought of as we walked in the rain (with our umbrellas of course, though often times I wanna just get super wet and not have the hassle of weaving the sidewalks with it) but I thought of how the little (or big) streams/rivers in the road or the peaceful rivers near the city, are started by millions of raindrops. A grand river had to start with a bunch of little raindrops before it had the power to cut through the earth or carry a current strong enough for a raft full of people to enjoy themselves. This is like our testimonies. We must allow the rain to fall in order for our rivers to grow and strengthen in size. Little moments of despair or flash floods of the spirit are all different types of raindrops that we can either add to our rivers or decide to have the earth soak it up instead. Take advantage of the times storm clouds come, whether our testimonies are in a drought and thankfully soak it up or if we think we are grand enough and don’t need more. I think we can always use a refreshing bit of rain, and we can always use a bit of spiritual inspiration from our Father in Heaven but since He works in mysterious ways it might be through a trial or it might be through a friend and in a way we might not necessarily recognize. Thank you for being this refreshing rain which helps me turn into an ever growing raging river! I’m loving every minute and can feel the power of this gospel every day. Be a needed rain storm and relieve another’s drought. Offer the Living the Water which is Christ.

I love you all. Have a great week and don’t forget to be refreshing!


 Sister Oldroyd , the Raindrop Receiver.    

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