Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tis the Season

Well everyone, I am writing my second to last email (if my calculations are correct) so I will try to make it good but I can’t promise that. So we have had some blessings, like two investigators marked for baptism! M. and her cute daughter M. Also, the less active R. with his wife A. are planning on getting married and she is preparing for baptism as well. The Lord is blessing us so much! 

The feelings of coming home aren’t really sinking in, only a few times like when President marked our temple visit (it’ll just be me and one other Sister, not one Elder is going home this transfer....weird huh?) or when they told me when I will do 'CASP' or our going home preparation thing, it’s a class or something. Also I have to repeat basically every visit I make to the question, 'How long have you been on the mission?' and I say, ONE YEAR and 5 MONTHS! Then they say, 'Opa, you’ve only got a little left!' and go 'Uhu, yup...crazy right? I don’t know how to feel" haha so it’s been fun battling the emotions. But the Lord has helped me so much, especially in my studies and at church this week. Some great quotes or thoughts were: 'The Atonement gives us the power and ability to overcome everything. It helps us achieve Eternal Life" also, ' We serve because we love God' and 'How’s the construction of your Heavenly Mansion going?' 

I am so happy to have served (don’t freak out, I still have two weeks left :) but I hope you all know that I have become a better person. I am so happy to have spent this time with God’s children in Brasil where I needed to learn their beautiful language, live their loving culture and get to know God better on a different level. I have learned a few things that only the mission has been able to help me learn: The love the Lord has for me and His other children, Learning is an amazing tool and opportunity, We need to decide what our salvation will be worth, and how I can give back to the Lord. These are just a few things the mission has taught me but there are so many more. 

Enjoy this holiday season, try to understand Christmas a little better and ask yourself why we celebrate it, even though Christ actually was born in April. Why is it 'Christ'mas? When you stop to think, it’s surprising how much the Lord is able to share with you. You just needed to allow space for the spirit to respond in your heart and mind. 

Love you all, até logo. 
Boa Semana por todos e um feliz natal! 
Com Amor, 

Sister Oldroyd who's slowly 'dying' in mission terms kkk

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