Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Just hope and be the light of the world!!!

Have you guys started doing the awesome 25 day program??? The hashtag thingy? We are sharing it with everyone! #sejaaluzdomundo. It is so inspired and perfect for not just members but everyone :) The church is true.

This week was crazy as usual when opening an area. We were lucky to find a way less active sister, A. and leave her with a new Book of Mormon. Also the Lord blessed us with an awesome lesson with A. (R.’s wife who wants to come back to church and bring his family with him). She accepted us so well and shared a sweet experience she had doing a walk in the holy land or something. It was very sweet and great to see her opening up to us. We also had a goal to contact more of the billion referrals that we kept getting on our phone. So I just started calling every single one that had a number (even though our phone credits are precious....the show must go on! haha) Some of them had no idea what I was saying when I kept repeating "We are the missionaries..." "The missionaries!" My accent doesn’t help at times when I have to talk on the phone haha. I got a few hang ups in the face and others kindly denying or questioning how in the world I had gotten their number. But we were able to contact a lot through this. One of them was J. S, who had called crying to the Sisters at Temple Square after he had found our card amongst his deceased wife’s things (at least I think that’s where the call goes to from our pass along cards). They told us to go as soon as possible. When we got there, we entered his sewing/seamstress store and found him there. We were able to chat with him and he opened up to us. He had a very successful career as a seamstress (which showed it by all the pics with famous designers/people and awards etc.) but he said that it’s gone downhill since her passing. Long story short, he called in hopes of finding a church for his 14 year old son to attend and find peace. Turns out that he only works in our area and that he lives a bit away in the Elder’s area so we told him that for sure the Elders will be able to help him. We are hoping the Elders go over there and take advantage :)

This week was special too cause we went to the temple! Woohoo! Love that place :) and there were three young ladies from the states there! Woot Woot! Only one of them served in Brasil, the others were just following her around. Ya, you go girls!

I loved this Fast Sunday. I don’t know what it is but these Fasts on the mission are just completely different than the ones I was doing before. I get super excited to pay my offering, and I get thinking on what my purpose can be and I rarely feel hungry. I do catch myself wanting to stop and buy a snack cause I have forgotten for a second but then I remember again. But truly the Lord has taught me the true purpose of the Fast and that he reveals to us our needs when we put our wants aside. When I am allowing the physical necessity to weaken, He allows my spiritual necessities to strengthen. We are more prone to the spirit when we stop allowing our physical needs to get in the way. I am so blessed to be serving this mission.

I was touched this Sunday when in Relief Society the President announced that our lunch appointment had fallen through and was wondering if anyone could feed us (a bit awkward, and it went silent for a second) BUT a sweet sister who we have started visiting shouted, "If they don’t have a problem with frozen lasagna, that’s what we are going to eat" and another lady, who we have started to help with family history, said that she could help us as well, even with her husband being in the hospital. It truly showed me how much better I need to become. They forgot themselves and put others (us) first. This member whipped up some pasta and sausage for us and was so helpful. No wonder the RS lesson was on gratitude. I needed to be reminded of the amount of gratitude I have. I am so lucky that the mission is teaching me so many things in so many ways, through the Spirit, the Savior, the members, strangers, my companion, the scriptures. Only God would be so loving and kind to have given us so many ways to be taught and brought back to Him. He wants us back and that is why He has put so many signs for us to see! Anyway, it was a fun week!

A few other fun things were translating RS for a Ukrainian who married a Brazilian and they are seeing if they want to move here and playing the opening hymn on their sweet oldish organ piano thing. Also, me and my comp both got pooped on by birds this week...first me on my arm...then her a few days after on the forehead haha. Since we have both passed through it, we understand the other better. Isn’t that so true? Since the Savior passed through the same things we are, He is able to help and comfort us, like how I was able to comfort my companion when she asked me, 'Sister, please don’t tell me that what just fell on me was bird poop?!" Unfortunately I had to say yes, but I knew how to help her since the same thing had happened to me earlier that week. Boy do we laugh together. Life is way better when lived in between laughs. That’s my reasoning for putting so many 'hahas' in my emails, so you guys can imagine Sister Oldroyd laughing when she trips, gets pooped on, says something wrong in Portuguese etc. Life is full of Laughs :) and Light #sejaaluzdomundo or be the light of the world!

Sis O

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