Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The True Convert

So since I only have three more weeks on the mission, I wanted to share with you guys who has been the truest, most converted person thus far.....me! You guys probably guessed it, but it’s true. This week I’ve been pondering on this and how this year and a half separation from family, my comfort zone, my base to everything has truly allowed me to stretch a bit. to test a few things out that weren’t necessary when I was kicking back relaxing in the comfort zone haha. My mission has opened my eyes, my heart and my desire to become better, to prepare myself to be worthy to return to my Heavenly Father. 

This week we had a great chance to hear form a Brazilian area authority, Aidukaitis (I think I spelled that right) and he talked about many key points that helped me stay excited and spiritually strengthened for more weeks ahead. It’s funny how after we leave these types of meetings, you just leave exhausted from all the spiritual confirmations/responses and being so involved mentally and spiritually. 

Something else on this conversion stroll I’ve had has been getting to know God’s children. This week we got to know M and J. They are both less active because of serious health problems. Her legs are super swollen and he is suffering from an illness where slowly his nerves stop working, so he can’t walk, sit up straight, basically can’t do anything anymore and she helps him. He is also losing the ability to talk cause it’s so hard. But that visit was very special as she was sharing this experience and how they still read the scriptures and say their prayers. I was just astounded by their faith and lack of murmurs. They still had smiles on their faces and accepted us so well. 

The mission has made me love so many things. It has made me live life better. The mission has helped me know God and my Savior to another level. It has allowed me to practice hearing and feeling the Spirit. How grateful I am for the chance to have lived and done this mission. I know that the work won’t stop when I leave this place, but that I will only have another chance to apply everything I’ve learned and see where God has planned for me to go. My mission has saved me. My mission has blessed me. My mission has converted me :) How lucky am I??? And to be honest, it wasn’t the 'mission' but the Spirit, my Savior and my God who never gave up on me, who never stopped trying to save me. This has been the best year and a half stroll :) where I’ve been able to see the hand of God daily, feel of his presence regularly, and understand better the purpose of life and this gospel. I’m still not perfect, of course, but I feel lucky to know God has perfected me a little bit more through this mission. 

Some other highlights from this week were the ward Christmas dinner where we sang and I played the guitar :), having a Brasil Stake transmission where Elder Holland tried speaking in Portuguese! And Sister Bonnie Cordon from the General Primary spoke in Portuguese as well! It was very special :) Also, a family night where we watched the Christmas devotional! So much of the good word was spoken this week. So many times was I able to feel the spirit and receive answers. I invite you all to continue to convert yourselves! Conversion is a constant process. There is no end. 

Cutest cheese ball ever!

Some little phrases I liked this week were ' He remembers us even when we struggle to remember Him' 'strawberries, if you want them, you gotta plant them!' 'I don’t know if I’ll be here tomorrow, or what will happen but I do know I have now. I have today and I must treat it as my last day and maybe the day I return to God'.  And to end it up, some Primary Hymn phrases :) 'Child, be glad with all that lives but forget not God who lives' 'But to have a friend, you must be a friend too' and “Be happy, happy all day long and others will be too!" haha love it. 

Have a great week folks! I’m signing out! 


Sydster Oldroyd

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