Friday, November 25, 2016

Same House, But New Area, Companion and Ward....How?

Alright this’ll be quick! I was transferred to a new area/ward with a new companion but I will live in the same house. Here’s how it works, I will now work in the neighboring area where the Elders were and they will now work where we were. It’s a long story but it’s going to be great!

Irmá E made us tea :) we were in her house when we got the transfer call. 
She is adorable :)

I wanted to explain a bit about what happens in the mind of a missionary or more specifically, the mind of Sister Oldroyd haha. Lots of questions go through her mind, like why am I so happy but am sweating a ton and am exhausted? Or I think about where we should stop to eat or use the bathroom, who we will teach next or what we should teach. The desire to do the Lord’s will is very strong and is on our minds constantly. I am constantly praying and am hoping that I can listen to the spirit. I also am at times tempted. I’m being honest here. Satan is very persistent in trying to tell us we are weak and that our forces aren’t doing anything. But throughout the mission we turn our thoughts, and hearts to Christ. We truly don’t just convert our hearts but our minds. We learn how to be more confident and stronger so that when those temptations or trials come we don’t pay attention to them but stay strong. Our minds have many battles but just as Christ was able to beat his trials and temptations so can we. That wasn’t a huge description on what goes on in a missionaries mind but I think you guys get the idea. We also hope that our families and friends are doing well.

I just sneakily took this pic, so you guys could get a feel of the bus stop location and how this is where I wait every day basically to get on the bus to our area. 
I also had the privilege of watching these three paintings be done, during the last couple of weeks, I love the one in the middle...its so deep neh?

Just a few study thoughts I would like to leave with you- 'through tears and trials, we train ourselves to be triumphant.' 'When I have faith, I believe that the holy scriptures have God’s answers and so I read Rom 10:17.' I need to stop thinking 'me' and more 'him.' I love what Elder Ballard says in 'Our Search For Happiness' about how things of the church aren’t just for Sundays but 'It is a way of life' and how 'By their fruits ye shall know them' (Mat 7:20). How will God know you? Are your thoughts fruitful? Productive? Are you living not only on Sunday as a diligent member and follower of Christ but showing others daily in your everyday living? My greatest desire is that I can become a true believer because I’m a true liver. (Not the organ inside our body but someone who believes by living that belief). Show your faith to God by exercising it. I’m so grateful for these moments and I’m going to just soak in these last 6 weeks that I have. Who knows what’ll happen but I for sure am going to let God know who I am by the fruits that I will leave behind. And maybe others will be able to kill their hunger with them, who knows. But at least I know God does.

Love you all!
Sister Oldroyd- who got to play piano for the primary, and meet the cutest old lady named Zuleika one day who gave us chocolates :)

This is outside of the biggest shopping around here, Iguatemi, and I couldn't dreams came true! Our bus always passed it and I made a promise that I would one day take a pic with him. My only regret is not hugging him....sad day

My old companion sister Valdera is going home tomorrow! We are sad....
and kinda mad haha I was actually just testing out my serious intimidation face that I used to do for soccer pics. I kinda still have it

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