Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A General Authority Visited Us!

So this week was just amazing. All I can say. We had a great family night with our new bishop and his family. Then with R. and R. who are recent converts and it was their first FHE in their house. Then I got to have a fun change up on a division with Sister Bido. It was just a sweet blast from the past, eating all this American food and chatting it up with her. We kinda got soaked that day but getting real wet only plays a part of missionary work :) Also our zone won the ice cream cause we were able to install our smoke detectors first, so that meant ice cream with President Thomas! I felt like I had died and gone back to school cause I had to make a huge poster to surprise Sister Thomas with, our LZ really wanted to do something and bought the supplies and helped us cut stuff but that meant me designing it and drawing all the letters by hand....where were my mother’s already made letter prints when I needed them? haha. Luckily it all turned out well and they loved it! We then donated it to President  to use for future things cause the letters were only taped and they could reuse it. Also I have no idea what we would do with something like that again on the mission. 

I got to spend a fun division with Sister Bido, who's been on the mission a year and 1 month, shes from North Carolina and has the sweetest accent and made us chicken and shared her ranch and Idaho potato mix with me :) and also made me french toast! made me think of you dad! haha also made me realize I am so sad in the kitchen still, I am determined to get better mom!

I love these people :)
Tthis is the final product! the lines are supposed to be a crosswalk etc. I'm just happy its done haha

Anyway, getting to the General Authority part! On Tuesday our LZ informed us that Friday we would be getting together as a whole mission to hear from President Nielson, from the Missionary Department. It’s been a while since something like this has happened and boy was I super excited to hear from him (and to see my mission buddies again I can’t lie). Anyway, Friday finally came and it was all I had hoped for. The spirit was so strong. They both talked, Him and his wife and it was pure inspiration. He talked about many scriptures and one in particular in Alma 26 that proves Joseph didn’t write the BoM cause it’s written in the perspective of a missionary and Joseph never did anything like that. Also I loved what Sister Nielson said about companionships and that 'you don’t have to be a Nielson to be loved by the Nielsons.' Another tip she gave was 'marry someone who matches your testimony.' I had never thought about marriage like that. I knew spirituality was important but that makes it a lot easier. Going there and hearing from a general authority was such a privilege and blessing. He carries so much of the spirit and makes me remember how blessed we are to have the truth. I would just like to ask you all a question that I didn’t have time to ask Pres. Nielson in the question and answer part, 'How do you correctly measure success? and not allow the unrealistic success that Satan tries to throw at us get in the way? How do you maintain a heavenly perspective and not get down if not everything is achieved? That was sort of three questions but it’s kinda a broad big question, so if any of you have advice or ideas I would love to hear from you! 

Hope you guys know I’m just floating around here in happiness, getting to know amazing people and creating such special memories. During studies I loved this scripture in 2 Cor. 5:7 'walk by faith, not by sight' and this little part from Our Search For Happiness 'Our Heavenly Parents' love and concern for us continues to this very moment' that is so true! I love to learn :) 

Have a great week! Enjoy the pretty fall leaves while I’ll be hear enjoying the sudden rain showers and every strengthening Christmas decorated store haha.


Sister Oldroyd- who gotta lead music in front of a general authority! and loved looking down and smiling at all my buddies (Sisters)

Yup, I'm dreaming of a Brazilllllll Christmas' :) where I'm not even near the beach....haha

these beauties were so fun to snuggle with, when they stayed still. their hair only covered my bag entirely and this little guy only chewed my cameras sock for 3 minutes....haha

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