Monday, November 7, 2016

God Answers Our Prayers

This week flew is it that today is the start of week 5 in this transfer.....? Just imagine me freaking out a tiny bit inside.....other than this I’m doing very well.

This week I ate a ton of sushi with my district to celebrate the age change to 21. Now I’m going to have to get used to saying “tenho vinte e um anos” that’s going to be so hard....haha but it was a great birthday :) Simple but great! Thanks for the happy wishes.

This week was filled with a few fun experiences. Going along with the title I received a few answers to my prayers. One is kinda irrelevant but I was sure happy for it. We had traveled a bit farther into our area to get to know it and had eaten lunch, when usually I go to the bathroom after but forgot. So there we are in the middle of the neighborhood, far from stores etc. and I need to go so bad.....and basically there’s no hope when you are surrounded by big houses with fences and no one in the street. I was just thinking, help me please!  And we turn the corner and I see a taxi point, and their little bathroom! Boy was I happy! I booked over there and asked if I could use it...they were like sure! How grateful I was....I wouldn’t have made it any longer. That was answer number one. Then this week we had been trying to use more recent converts in our lessons, so the Lord blessed us with 9 member lessons! It was so great and He truly helped us out on that one. That’s answer 2. Also, it was a super hot day and I had chugged the rest of my water....there we were far from the stores again, but thankfully in Brasil there’s usually a little bar on every street. So I walked in a little neighborhood bar, and my hesitant companion followed me in haha (poor thing, she prefers not to enter bars....) but I needed water, sooooo...I asked the man how much a bottle of water was and he goes, I don’t have any but I have a big bottle I can fill up your bottles with. I thought, yes! It was super cold water and he gave it to us for free. That’s answer number 3. On Friday we got to give the training at district meeting because last Sunday we had 5 people at church, so our LD asked us to give training on how to get investigators in the church cause our district is struggling with it. So we prepared a few questions and found some scriptures but I really was hoping for it to be a discussion, interactive training and it turned out great :) The practices we did and the comments they gave were awesome! There’s answer number 4 and my last one was something more spiritual. This week I had been struggling with pride, nothing too big but I was having certain thoughts and feelings that I knew weren’t helping me and weren’t of God. So I asked Heavenly Father to help me be more humble and I used many study materials, but ended up finding Deut. 8:2 which helped me a ton to realize that my mission is hard to humble me. I invite you all to try and be more humble. I think we each have a hidden piece of pride somewhere but God helps us replace that pride with humility and love. I loved a line from the hymn “Be Thou Humble" which is 'Be thou humble in thy calling and the Lord is there to teach thee'. This is a sacred calling to serve a mission and I for sure want the Lord’s help to be humble. One last piece of study was from a Primary hymn. I’ve been reading the Primary Hymnbook like a real book and it’s quite refreshing. From the song 'Reverence is Love' a line that stuck out to me was 'Reverence if more than just quietly sitting, its thinking of Father above' this made me think of the Sacrament as well as everyday life. How can I better turn my thoughts to the Father?

Love you all! Have an uplifting week :) Know that I’m great; trying my best to know God and know who Sydney Oldroyd is in His eyes. Boa Semana!

Sister Oldroyd -who ate an oyster (or was it a muscle? not sure) at a member lunch in the restaurant cause he loved them and told me to try was cold....bland. . . and rubbery but I tried to looked pleased....afterward Elder Johnson said it was obvious that I didn’t like it....I’ve gotta get better at faking it till I make it haha!

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