Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Translating times two :)

This week was great :) Tuesday we taught English class- the classic head shoulders knees and toes and practiced parts of the body. Then we did a mad libs game! It went so well! We were laughing our heads off with the phrase "I have a ____ head". What kind of head do you have? A big one?  Then we got to teach a lady named V. this week which was a blessing. She just came in to English class wanting to know more, so we marked the next day to meet with her! She had so many questions but we were able to have a great lesson and leave the Book of Mormon with her! Then Wednesday came around where we had "get to know President Thomas!" He had the mission split into a group of zones in a space of a couple of days so our day was Wednesday with two other zones. I got to play piano and translate Emily’s and Sister Thomas' talks. Haha.

This is Emily! President Thomas' daughter! She is so sweet . . . and tall!

Well.....when we rushed in after our lunch and I already knew I had to start playing prelude but then and elder asked us that we needed to translate. What? Ok, so we decided that I would do the first half of the meeting and Sister Harris would do the last half. My half included their talks. So yay me! They were so patient and talked slowly (most of the time) and the audience helped me with a few words or verbs I hadn’t used or had forgotten. Sister Thomas speaks so strongly with the spirit and they all do actually. On Sunday in RS the lady gave Sister Thomas a minute to share how they taught their children to stay worthy to marry in the temple and she said the coolest thing about how Heavenly Father’s work is Moses 1:39 but it also is the work of our Mother in Heaven. "There isn’t anything a mother wouldn’t do for her children, so they can marry in the temple" -Sister Thomas. This is the work of our Mother in Heaven as well :) Loved it!

we tried a new bakery and I found this huge toast looking thing! yeah I gotta try it, then I had most saved and decided to share it with my favorite doorman at our apartment when we got home that night...he liked it so much that as we were going up in the elevador he used the microphone and said "hey, this is really good!" in portuguese, "é bom, viu?" haha

I also had a great division with Sister Dias this week where we were led by the spirit and saw the Lord’s hand in this week. We had left to do contacts and teach early before lunch and the first house only had the cleaning lady so we decided to go somewhere else, but sister Dias told me that she felt like we needed to try the lady again and I had felt like we could’ve taught the lady who told us she wasn’t home...so off we went back to the house! We only ended up leaving a pamphlet cause she would have been in trouble for stopping her work but we felt better after that BUT as we were leaving Sister Dias did a contact with a lady nearby and long story short, we ended up teaching her, her sister and 5 children; In total, 5 new investigators who had been living two houses down from ours. The Lord is so loving and patient! So glad we followed the spirit!

Some fun things this week, I got to play keep away (knock out? I’ve forgotten many soccer terms) with 3 boys before lunch in their living room haha. I only had to be in the middle a couple of times :) woot woot. Sunday we got to sing "Search ponder and pray" during the Counselor’s talk cause he called us that morning asking for a favor. (He was alone that day because the others are traveling and President Costa was there. Poor guy had a lot to do) Yup we just got up there without practicing and sang it in Portuguese. The pianist in the ward was kind enough to go up and play for us.

on our way back from the division I couldn't resist....gotta love the signs in Brasil...soooo detailed haha

Something I have been studying this week is love, charity and growth. Growth shows progress. If we aren’t growing, we aren’t accepting that which is given and God has given everything. Show God your gratitude by growing!( D&C 34:1-4) I have to go now but keep up the great work! Stay happy, keep growing and allow God’s gifts to bless you :) Roots are essential to having strong branches. Guess who are our roots? Ancestors! Christ! We have so many strong roots! That was random but I can’t help myself :) There are so many cool metaphors and parables. Do you have a favorite?

Sister Oldroyd- the happy English Portuguese switcher

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