Thursday, June 30, 2016

Don’t run more than you have to

Wow fam and friends...let’s just say we need to celebrate Festa Junina like they do here! Every weekend they have one going on! It’s basically just celebrating the month of June and the traditional things that the northern Brasilians used...corn. It’s corn, corn, corn! So many sweets made of corn! And peanuts :) All the kids are so cute in cowboy and cowgirl stuff. They play in plastic ball pools, trampolines etc. There was a really tasty grape (generally wine) cider juice thing, and lots of Paçoca treats. One of our investigators and her husband came a little later and participated in the dancing! They loved it and I was so happy they came!

S and her husband came to the Festa Junina! They danced!  woot woot they are investigating the church a bit with us :)

This week has gone by quick and I have loved every minute, even in the cold, even with tired eyes (and you know it when basically every lesson someone comments on us looking’s not our fault...we're working walking missionaries kk) This week I was reminded of a simple basic I learned from beloved soccer. A wise coach once taught me, "don’t run more than you have to, hold onto the ball, use your teammates, and together you will score a goal. Don’t make irrational decisions (or passes)" This totally has to do with missionary work! I don’t need to run around working, finding people, teaching, more than I need to. I can use my companion, ward members, and most importantly the Lord. When you think about the teammates we have on our team, it’s pretty awesome. We've got Heavenly Father, Our Savior, the Holy Ghost, Family members, ward members, companions, the scriptures...etc. Anyway, this scripture made me think of all this, in Mosiah 4:27. Isn’t it just amazing what we can each individually get out of the scriptures? This scripture to my mom, probably wouldn’t bring soccer metaphors to her mind :) Everything has their order and way to the Lord. And God can’t give us direction if we aren’t paying attention.

I love this lady! she is so sweet and makes me think of Grandma G! :)

This week we were able to have a great family night with R and her daughter A. I had a fun idea of playing the chocolate bar game, with dice and breaking it open with a dull knife and a glove etc. In the end I wanted to teach about enduring to the end but we got more out of it as they shared their ideas. I love learning from other people and what they think. Once we taste that reward of the chocolate, we wanted others to taste a bit of it, just like Lehi. Something I’m trying to do better is to seek for the truth and goodness of things. It is everywhere. I just need to look a little closer and more openly. Let God show me His goodness :) I’ve loved some phrases in the hymns like "Help me dear Father, to freely forgive. Help to live nearer, nearer to Thee". That’s our goal! Earn His trust, live closer to him.

This week was great because of another fast we did to find new people and have the few we have progress. Things are coming along but the Lord truly blessed us with allowing us to enter a few condominiums that are hard to get into without an appointment. So me and my comp laughed a bit when they said, “yeah you can come in”....we were like what? Thank you Lord! We were so happy! The little things in life. We weren’t able to teach them but we were able to leave our number :) that’s progress :)

Our new president is coming this Wednesday (yesterday) from California! Pres Thomas! We are going to sing for him. Let’s see how that goes without a piano kkkk.

 I love you all! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I’m doing great and learning a lot. I love how the mission is making me into what the Lord planned, at least I hope I am :) Keep working on recognizing the spirit, it’s a great mystery for us all sometimes.

Boa Semana! Beijos-

Sister Oldroyd- the sister who isn’t afraid to give the thumbs up and start walking on the crosswalk to try and get the rushing cars to stop...let’s go companion...they stopped!

this dog made my day!!! I just couldn't resist taking a pic...luckily I had my camera! he is huge!!

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