Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I love this Gospel

What’s happening Family and Friends!

I’ve got 15 minutes to explain my whole week...let’s see how that goes!! Really quick, it rained a lot but luckily I had my trusty coat rain thing that made me feel unstoppable!  We had some great lessons where I talked more! I felt the spirit and I hope they did too!

I now know one reason I’m here, and that is to help these people with music. They try so hard and I love it! One sister plays the hymns made easy for sacrament meeting and the rest of the meetings are acapella. It’s amazing how they just love this gospel and a little off key singing still brings the spirit :)

We walked a lot too! For lunch this past week, one time was an hour long walk but who cares! I got to pass by the Sao Paulo soccer team training facility. Cool! I also made some people laugh with my awkward moonwalking and "blender" dance move. I also have a motto "the simple things in life"; when something is super simple but just makes you happy! Ours is food, sleeping, singing, smashing the seed things from the trees which make a cool noise and other stuff :)

One really important thing I learned this week was that this message, this gospel, this blessing in my life is the most important thing. Even when we enter someone’s home, making the father turn off the tv that had a soccer game on, it is more important than that. The whole message was a bit tense for him because I knew he really wanted to be watching his game and I totally understand BUT it reminded me that this way of life is way more important than one soccer game. There will be other soccer games in the future, but what he really needs to know is his purpose in life, why he needs to become more like Christ, why he needs to love and support his family, why he needs to attend church, read the scriptures and pray. All this is not only to prepare us for the future but to help us enjoy the present! My life is an enormous party because I have this gospel. Party is probably not the best word to use but it works, neh?

I hope you all remember that this is the most important thing to participate in at this time.  We really need to strengthen ourselves in what really matters; what will never falter or crumble. I want to build my life, testimony and conversion on the rock of our Redeemer. Don’t you??? Join me in the construction of what really matters; we can enjoy the simple things in life as we participate in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Atonement is there for you! You! He didn’t just do it for me and the people of Brazil, never forget.

I love you. I love this gospel, I love the simple things in life :) Find out what makes you happy! Hopefully attending church, etc. Gotta run! (walk quickly in the rain to the CTM for a conference but I’m ok because I’ve got the gospel) What have you got? A testimony that God exists? I was reminded that I know He exists because of the Holy Ghost testifying, and because I looked for Him.

Loves! Signing off now,

Sister Oldroyd

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