Monday, September 28, 2015

Feast upon the words of Christ

Cotia is the place to Beeya!

I hope you all got my jingle in the title :) Well folks, somehow another week has passed by and I’m going into my sixth week in Cotia! Sis R thinks that I’m going to stay here for another transfer but only transfer day will tell......

A lot happened this week! Last P-day we sacrificed 2 hours for a lesson instead of lounging and it really made me realize that I’m not here for p-days! I’m here to teach lessons and if a member has an interested friend who is only home from work on Monday afternoons, so be it.

We also had a district meeting that went well as usual, this time we had breakfast together :) soda, bread with cheese and ham; simple yet filling :) 

At this district meeting we did a talent show and scavenger hunt with puzzles we had to translate....guess what I did for the talent show???? You guessed it. Played the guitar and sang! Sis R and I wrote different lyrics to Called to Serve and we borrowed a guitar from a member. Then I improv-ed for a sister who had a song she wanted to sing. It was great! Then guess who won the translating scavenger hunt game! US! We were running and writing and the prize was one of the amazing boxes of assorted chocolates. I love my district.

I want to tell you all how much you as members make a difference! Every lunch I have with these people is such a joy; To see how they live, and love, and truly enjoy having this gospel in their lives. What a joy it is to see our investigators walking down the road to meet us for church and then having members talk to them and be their friend!

I had my first division with Sister F this past week and learned a lot from here. It was awesome to experience a new area and new companion and see how it works in other places in the mission. 

Some insights I have gotten for this week are as follows, 1. We can’t do things correctly most of the time and expect ALL of the blessings in return. 2. The time we have to renew our covenants during the sacrament is essential and we need to be reverent but we also need to carry that reverence and respect into the members who are giving talks. They’re important too and are probably a little nervous, so the most we can do is listen and learn. 3.Talk, and people will most likely respond. If not, they probably won’t start the conversation.

Well that’s my insight for this week. I’m still loving it. Cotia truly is the place to be. Continue to feast upon the words of Christ. It’s an exciting time for Brazil because the Bible just got "renewed" (woot woot).  Anyway, I love you all! Take Comfort in Christ :)

Com Amor

Sister Oldroyd

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  1. Your chapel looks awesome! It seems so new and clean and updated and bright/airy! So glad you are enjoying your area. Love you Syd!!