Monday, August 31, 2015

From MTC to my first area Cotia

Oi Tudo Bem??? No somos missionarias da Igraja de Jesus that is Portuguese for ya! we say that hmmmm probably 50 times a day haha how are you guys doing??? It’s been too long...oh I know why, I’m in the mission field and didn’t have time to email last week!!! What??!! Really??!! Yes!

I’m here in Cotia (Cochia) with Sister Rodrigues as my trainer and she is beyond fabulous. I’m the first companion she’s had who is taller than she is. Brownie points for me I guess :)

Sister Silvera (roommate at MTC)

So quick run-down...leaving the MTC was weird. The last day we were in classes and were told the same thing we heard in the 6 weeks not much prep to find your way around Brazil, how to not die, how to talk to REAL people.

At the Sao Paulo Temple

Anyway, we left Tuesday morning at 7 and got to the mission home, say down, looked around and were given a pretty long orientation about what the secretaries/assistants do, after that we had lunch and were introduced to our trainers! Sister Rodrigues (r is pronounced like an h) anyway...we make it to our area Cotia where sis R had been to before earlier in her mission so that made me feel super comfortable. bought some groceries, settled in etc. since then we have been street contacting (well sis R had mostly).

Sister Rodrigues

I honestly don’t know what to say most of the time, she’s done it so many times I know what she’s saying but I don’t have the vocab to participate yet) we visit members every day for lunch...lunch here is huge! Lots of beans rice meat juice and other stuff. I’ve learned how to pace myself so I’m not just sitting there while they are still eating. We have taught some lessons and I’ve actually talked! Yesterday I even invited to be baptized and they accepted! Boom here comes Sister Oldroyd with the memorized phrases in Portuguese.

The members are super patient and very loving. I’m getting the face to face kissing thing down pretty good too. Sometimes the lights go out so we use candles to study. Sorry for topics all over the place I want you to get a feel of Cotia! The roads are very small and usually don’t have sidewalks....trash is everywhere and so are dogs which makes me really sad....lots of different churches here. Some sing....weird stuff. Lots of motor shops and the buses here are insane! It feels like the bus in that harry potter movie. Seriously! It’s been a huge blessing I haven’t gotten sick yet. Tender mercies people, they’re real. Our first district meeting was in English because President Del Guerso wants them to learn English so that was a shock when we sang in English and he conducted in English. I’ve learned a lot family and friends. I’ve learned how to be patient with mostly myself and Portuguese.

I’ve learned to rely on my Savior and Heavenly Father and really focused in on the lessons we teach because I need, really need to have a testimony about this or else I can’t explain my thoughts! Anyway, I’m running out of time but I love it here, even when it’s hot and then cold, my feet hurt...etc. I can always find happiness in knowing that I have this knowledge, I have this blessing in my life and I really don’t have to worry. The Savior is watching out for me and this life was created for my benefit. We teach people how the gospel blesses families and it truly does.

What a great blessing it is to know our purpose and to not be afraid of what lies ahead. I can’t wait to speak this language better but obviously I need to put in my I will continue to talk with my comp about everything! Even movies :) I love you all. Keep blessing those around you with your smiles and testimonies and find those tender mercies God has given you. Whether it’s having a sweet little Brazilian girl play with you and her toy phones and not care your Portuguese is choppy or that the moon was a slight orange last night. The gospel is a light that we must seek and share. Obrigada, I feel your love and support every day. Sister Oldroyd out from Cotia, a beautiful bit of heaven

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