Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Giving away BOMs in the streets of Brazil

Hey fam!  There’s a Plumeria tree on the MTC grounds that makes me sooo happy! There aren’t a lot of flowers but I love find ones that have fallen and smelling them. Oh and we get snacks every night around 9 o’clock since lunch is the main meal!! It’s the best thing ever...usually a juice box, a chocolate bar and some crackers or muffins or Twinkies. I’m livin the life over here. Oh and I played the piano for a devotional! It wasn’t too good but oh well. I felt as if Heavenly Father was chuckling to himself as I played away and as the Brazilians tried singing a song they didn’t know. Chuckling in a good fatherly way as if to say, good job Syd, way to use your talents. It was a great feeling :)

What’s happening with my fan section this week???? Oh I don’t know, maybe just some awesome stuff!  Where to start.....well with our two Brazilian roommates. It’s hard to communicate completely and coherently so I, being the Sydney that I am, try to think of ways to make them laugh or like me through other ways besides talking. And what pops into my head??? Sing the "lonely, I am so lonely, I have nobody for my own" song in my high pitched cartoon voice for them (haha) and it worked wonders! They loved it! They even videotaped it on their cameras which now I’m regretting because then all these people later came up and would sing, "lonely" and ask me to sing it.....and then right before class an elder pops his head into our class trying to explain that he's my fan. It was great but I’m gonna work on just talking Portuguese with them. Which reminds me....they’re gone! They left this last Tuesday for their missionas cause they’re only here for two weeks. Super sad. I wonder what our new roomies will be like. I’ll keep you posted on that.

This last week we went proselyting! I’m not too sure I’m spelling this word right but who cares! You get the idea! Our district was terrified but we all grabbed 3 BoMs and headed out to the bus station with our teacher and rode into town. I’m pretty sure we did it in my mission! We probably looked super weird with 3 books in hand, name-tags on, church clothes, and young kids clustered together terrified to say anything to anyone. It started out well with two Americans who served missions, one in Brazil and one in Poland. They really boosted our spirits. Then our teacher said, I’m staying right here. Only walk up and down this street so I can see you. You’ve got 30 minutes! Go! WHAT? My comp and I have 6 BoMs that need to be handed out in 30 minutes......little did we know, we’d finish first, in 20 minutes. It was awesome!! Brazilians are soo chill, and a lot kinder about refusing than I thought they’d be. I went first, and talked to a guy who said nothing but just nodded his head and took the book. Then Sister Smith tried and the lady automatically shut us down when she heard her say missionaries. But we continued to conquer! I gave another to an old man who literally jumped for joy when I said it was a present for him. It’s very important that you tell them you’re giving it to them for free. I finished us off with a younger lady, who was really nice at listening to my choppy Portuguese. The poor elders! They took almost double the time. One even had to walk back to the bus station with a book and gave it there cause they had been shut down so many times. Let’s just say being an American woman is a plus :)

What else to talk about...... we watched a recorded devotional last night that was from Provo on Aug 5th! I saw some friends!  It was of President Nelson, and he did a great job talking about how much the church has progressed and how we need to continue its progression even in this day and age.

We learned in class about how to introduce the BoM better to our investigators and it really strengthened my testimony for it. I love it so much! It’s so true how two testaments are better than one, and the BoM is that second testament. It may not be about people from our time, but it was written specifically for us! I challenge you all to try to use the scriptures more when looking for an answer to a question.

I love to pray too!  I’m just turning into a walking, talking typical sister missionary and I’m ok with that! I’ve been so blessed to be here and meet all these people! I don’t know what I’d do without these people and it’s crazy that I might see some of them at BYU after!

I’ve started writing some of my journal entries as if I'm talking with Heavenly Father and let me tell you, it changes things. Obviously in a good way, but it just means more. I feel as if I can say what is really going on in my heart and that He is listening. This has really strengthened my relationship with Him. I think I’m out of time but know how much I love this life and appreciate the prayers and emails and fun memories that pop into my head at times when I’m studying or going to class. Last night we shared pictures and stories about our families and it felt great to tell people about the amazing place I came from, and about the amazing people who led me to this point in my life. Thank you all for your wonderful testimonies, examples, personality traits, strength, and love;  For the lives you are living and for the people who are a part of it. I have most definitely been blessed and I hope to come back and repay you all! Remember that there’s a sister missionary in Brazil who loves you and is coming back fluent in Portuguese and hopefully in the language of the spirit, because that’s the most important language isn’t it? Being able to communicate with not only our Father in Heaven and Christ, but with others through the spirit :) nothing feels as good, as when a person bears testimony or just lives their testimony and it hits you to the core. That’s the way I want to communicate when I come home. I want to radiate. I want the spirit beaming out of my heart. I want anyone and everyone, no matter their religious background to feel it, and think “Why do I feel this way?” “What’s different?”  They'll just have to ask me why.  I in turn will say, "I was hoping you'd ask. Why, I’m a daughter of God. I’m loved by the most all-knowing person and He loves you too." I hope that didn’t sound extreme but it’s true! He loves us all! If I can help in telling people this then I’m off on another journey!

Tchau for now.  

Love is coming your way from Sister Oldroyd’s heart and soul!

Because we're never "lonely". We've always got someone. You know who :)

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