Monday, October 12, 2015

Life is like a child’s playpen

What a great week eh?

I’m doing amazing if you guys didn’t know :) I want to explain a little bit of what our schedule is like and forgive the typos...this keyboard has some seriously stuck letters. Maybe by the end you’ll figure out which ones.  I’ll punch really hard!

We get up at 6:30, get toast etc. Study from 8-12 (I absolutely love personal study time! A time I can just read the Book of Mormon and PME) I study with Sis R after personal. We practice lessons etc. and practice language also....we have started to read together from the Liahona, mine is Portuguese and hers is English. It’s going well. After we either walk for about 30-45 minutes or ride the bus to the members house for lunch (another one of my favorite things of the day) This past week we had the hugest lunch ever ....I had two huge helpings of meat, rice, beans, salad, nhoque, fries, guarana, and then after had a cup of ice cream, 5 mini churros, and 2 pao de queijos. Let’s just say she kept saying "come meninas!' (eat more) and I listened. After lunch we start talking and walking and hoping that people will let us in to hear our message or that our investigators are in and available. Sometimes we have family nights with members and investigators which are awesome as well. You can tell I basically love every part of the day. The rough part is knowing that I’m a shiny, sweaty, missionary but who cares right?!

Still have clothes problems

This past week I really busted out doing contacts cause we had time in front of the temple this week! This is when we just stand outside the front gate and talk to EVERYONE....even members...even people with headphones in. It was great! People rejected us with a wave of the hand or words that I didn’t completely understand but we had a good experience anyway. Oh and I got a good tan too :) That day really testified of the gift of tongues for me. When we gird up our loins and go for it, the Lord truly helps us through.

I want you all to think about how marvelous this plan is. I have another metaphor for you guys. I thought of it this morning during study time. Life is like a child’s playpen. We are the children, God’s children but He is behind us. We can’t see him but he’s there talking us through what toys to play with and we can feel His presence. This life is full of toys to play with and decisions to make but Heavenly Father isn’t in front of us to show the way. He is with us in Spirit and Love and we have the opportunity to feel of His presence in all things.

Today is Dias das Crianças, where everyone celebrates children whoohoo! I can’t imagine how much our Heavenly Father celebrates when we are one step closer to returning to him. You can bet that I’m going to make sure I have enough money (or have done all I can spiritually) to buy that ticket home. I love you all. Stay firm in Faith and find joy in knowing you are a Child of God.


Sis Oldroyd

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