Monday, October 19, 2015


Hello everyone :)

This email I want to focus on what I studied this week. But let me give you a run-down of the other activities first.

We got to make lunch two times this week cause a member forgot and another couldn’t be there to make it so they gave us money and we decided what we wanted and made it (because obviously we are amazing chefs). The first was just meat and rice etc. but the second one was hamburgers!!! How joyful....they were a bit different but still a hamburger to me :) and we had 3 desserts....that’s what happens when we are in charge.

I also got to battle a pretty big cockroach for Sis Harris, ‘cause he ran under her bed. I immediately grabbed the broom, handed her a stick and told her to try and scare him out to the side of the bed where I was ready to pounce. In the end I won. There were a few marks on the floor as a result but one dead cockroach and a more comfortable Sister in the house.

Also I had my first interview with President Del Guerso. He is fabulous everyone, so open and funny and wise. In the interview he said it was all me, and said I could start, ok. I just talked about how I was, my area, my Portuguese etc. then he would respond. I asked questions. It was so peaceful to just talk with him, and not feel like I had to give a bunch of answers to a bunch of questions. Lovin the Del Guerso's! Sister Del Guerso is fabulous as well :) 

In the training we had with her, she used a bunch of different words for us to explain our thoughts. I had the word Miracles. Such a great word right? Basically everything is a miracle. My mission, my family, friends, this plan, my Savior and the comment I ended with was that I have realized that I want to be a miracle in the lives of others and for my Savior, not a burden; Make others feel of His love, and have them feel as if your presence isn’t a hassle or problem but something they want to continue to enjoy.

I’ve studied a lot about Hope as well, some great scriptures are 2 Cor 4:18 and Rom 8:24-25. What are our hopes? Do we Hope in Him? He is Hopeful. Do I hope for others to have success or happiness? How can I help them have hope? Oh and be happy in Him!! (I love using words that start with the same letter. I think there is an English term for that....anyway.)

It’s been a great week as you can tell (or at least I hope you can) because this work is glorious. It’s weird to think three months have already passed and I only have a year and 3 months left but I’m still here! I’m still a missionary. It’s not over yet and it actually doesn’t really end when I return home, a new mission begins. Life after the mission! A completely different mission that I can always experience with my Savior, Father in Heaven, Family, friends etc.

Continue to "perseverar ate o fim" or endure to the end (for you English folk) and use all the amazing tools Christ has given us to enjoy this life, and create something beautiful and heaven worthy. Love you all! Even you strangers who are so interested by my blog that you are reading my emails every week (haha the jokes are starting to come which means I need to end this emai). I know these things are true. I am so happy because of these truths. At times it’s difficult to explain my emotions in words. That’s why I love Alma 26:16 so much. I know my Father in Heaven knows my heart which is the most important thing. I hope and pray that you all continue to stay firm in Faith and hope in Him because He never fails. He is the Son of God, our Savior.

Sister Oldroyd

(The Atonement Seeker)

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